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  1. Two Types

    Vintage Picking and Road Tripping with Dinerman

    A road trip of British charity shops???? You would have to be a glutton for punishment ... hour upon hour of searching through 1990s M&S ties just to find one 1950s Trevira tie. For every 100 shops you vivsit you might find one complete suit from before the 1960s ... if you are lucky. The best...
  2. Two Types

    Vintage Picking and Road Tripping with Dinerman

    I'm looking forward to seeing more of that British summer suit. Lightweight British suits are rather rare and should be an easy sale.
  3. Two Types

    Spectator Shoes

    I'm glad you like the design of the balmoral and its tarsal strap. I agree, leather quality is always an issue and quite often it is only with wear that the true assessment of the quality can be made. What really struck me, when i tried on the samples, was the luxurious feel of the lining...
  4. Two Types

    Show Us Vintage GERMAN Suits

    That was a good idea to add the snaps under the lapels. That shape of lapel doesn't hold its shape. I have a jacket with the same lapels (the jacket was from you) and they constantly sag.
  5. Two Types

    Any plus four aficianados out there...

    Brilliant. if only you had the jacket to match!
  6. Two Types

    Spectator Shoes

    I know that Simon is planning to do a tarsal strap spectator in an elegant 1930s style. However, he wants to be able to offer it with a very elegant waist and, if possible, a spade sole. I have had many long conversations with him about getting this right due to reluctance at the factory to work...
  7. Two Types

    Spectator Shoes

    These are the originals that the SJC shoe was based on: Simon worked hard to find a period last that would get the correct shape for this style of shoe. In the ideal world, he would commission the perfect last rather than settle for the nearest available in the factory, but life is not that...
  8. Two Types

    Show Us Vintage GERMAN Suits

    I've not checked in here for a while, so it's good to see that the German/continental suit thread is still so healthy!
  9. Two Types

    Spectator Shoes

    Here are the original shoes that the above were based on. Very, very cool!:
  10. Two Types

    Vintage Picking and Road Tripping with Dinerman

    always a pleasure to read your reports
  11. Two Types

    The SJC Clothing Thread - Show us what you have or wish to have!

    Ok folks. Simon is working on some amazing shoes. They are made from leather and canvas and feature a tarsal strap (do we need a tarsal strap? no. Do we want a tarsal strap? Hell yes!) If these appeal to you, check out his forum: http://www.sjcforum.com/ This isn't the finished version, there...
  12. Two Types

    1920s suits

    Really interesting. Where is this photo from? And is the date certain.
  13. Two Types

    Show us your British suits

    Eddie, sell it on - let someone else enjoy it!
  14. Two Types

    Vintage Picking and Road Tripping with Dinerman

    I just looked on your ebay sales and it reminded me that I've always wanted to find a cowichan with curling scenes for my wife: And there's one on there! Naturally it's too big for her - oh well, maybe next time.
  15. Two Types

    Vintage Picking and Road Tripping with Dinerman

    Your height and 'outside the market' tastes are good news for the vintage collectors out there.
  16. Two Types

    Vintage Picking and Road Tripping with Dinerman

    That shawl collared cardigan should sell easily. Any idea of a date for it? What's the market for vintage safety helmets?
  17. Two Types

    British Workwear

    I think I have a photo somewhere of my great-uncle wearing a similar collar with pin. It must be no later than very early 1920s (since he ied in the early twenties).

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