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    Buco J100 in Shinki Horsehide (Diamond Dave)

    Interested. I’ll be at my pals house in LA in June, I wonder if I could get I my shipped there. Save shipping it to the U.K.
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    For Sale: Aero Sheene - 38 - Brown FQHH

    Is this a heavy leather? I’m more in to goatskin weight from Aero.
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    Aero Highwayman

    I sometimes give history tours around Northumberland. I live in south Northumberland. Great place!
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    Aero Highwayman

    Worth the trip, I went up in November. Got jacket start of Feb. I am from Northumberland.
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    Does anybody here add personal touches for their leather jackets?

    I once went on a night out with my mates over in LA with a gun like that, swiftly returned to my house within 10 mins to remove it...! Backlash!
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    How does it fit? Aero J100

    yeah I sent that a while back now. This one jus arrived today.
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    How does it fit? Aero J100

    Goatskin, I asked for them shorter as I hate long sleeves and I don’t ride…
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    Have you seen this rubbish?

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    FS: Aero Rockafella Size 38

    If only the shoulder were 17 inch!
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    Fit check

    Pretty much the same, can move around freely etc… I can try make a video zipped tomorrow. I think I’ll keep it though, I quite enjoy it, would be nice when it’s been worn for a while.
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    Fit check

    Perfectly fine, I can even fit a nice jumper underneath
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    Fit check

    It’s a reiss jacket, it was medium price I would say. It’s actually really heavy leather, I was surprised
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    Fit check

    It’s a reiss jacket, it was medium price I would say. It’s actually really heavy leather, I was surprised!
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    Fit check

    Couldn’t take pics so made a video, please ignore the trousers. I was literally working in my cabin and couldn’t be bothered to change when this jacket showed up. The jacket is pretty stiff, I assume it’ll loosen? Edit: sorry I put the wrong video, here is the correct one
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    Leather jacket fit check please

    is this body length a no-go or something you can get away with?
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    Leather jacket fit check please

    Hello; so in November I went to the Aero factory in Scotland, and got sized up for a new boar racer J100 jacket in goatskin. It is due in January/February. In the meantime I just wanted a lightweight fashion jacket, so I picked up this all saints off the rack jacket. I did have a bigger size...
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    ID For This Cafe Racer Jacket


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