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  1. Mr.Habanos

    I just attended a hat making class...

    Thank you Mike!
  2. Mr.Habanos

    I just attended a hat making class...

    I had a great experience at Pure Beaver's workshop. The first day was a lot of discussion, information, and overview of hat making techniques. Day two we started the hat making process and blocked my first hat. I then learned about the brim and using a flange, followed by cutting and sewing in...
  3. Mr.Habanos

    Favorite time of day to smoke a cigar?

    My favorite time to smoke a cigar is when I'm awake! :-)
  4. Mr.Habanos

    Black Sheep Hat Works

    Looks like I jumped the gun! Bob called me back today and their were in fact, out of town. Guess I didn't realize that they were a one man (and one woman) operation! He was very friendly and easy going. I'll be moving ahead with an order in the next couple of weeks, I just need to figure out the...
  5. Mr.Habanos

    Black Sheep Hat Works

    Hello, I don't get on here often, but I have a love of hats. Is Black Sheep Hat Works still in business? I've called at least six times and no answer. I emailed once and I've left two voicemail messages, and no response at all! I appreciate a great hat & I own several Optimo hats. I thought I...
  6. Mr.Habanos

    What cigar (or pipe) did you smoke today?

    Just finished an Illusione Epernay Le Monde with a nice hazelnut coffee. A great morning cigar as it is medium bodied, but awesome full flavor. Very Cuban like in flavor.
  7. Mr.Habanos

    Hat Circumference Measuring Tool / Scissor Type

    Hello, I am pretty new here and still trying to navigate around this site, so forgive me if this post appears more than once. Does anybody know what the proper name of a scissor type hat circumference measuring tool is called? I've seen one and I'd like to get one, but can't find them...
  8. Mr.Habanos

    Ask a question, get an answer

    Hello, I'm fairly new here and have been primarily reading since I joined. I have a question. Does anyone know what those hat circumference measuring scissor type tools are actually called?

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