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    What hat do you wear most (and why)?

    In town: Akubra Banjo Paterson. In the country: Akubra Lawson.
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    Although not the most powerful, perhaps the most interesting Japanese battleships were the four Kongo class ships. The American Iowas actually were constructed specifically to ward off the threat the Kongos posed to American carriers.
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    Out of Africa Safari Clothing

    The movie, Out of Africa, has inspired a clothing style: Here is at least one vendor, D&B Explorer Collection, who specializes in that style:
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    HMS Rodney: Not only did she support D-Day, but also played a major role in taking out Bismark. Despite which, IMHO, along with her sister ship, Nelson, she was IMHO the ugliest battleship. Still, perhaps my personal favorite:
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    Here is a chart of various WWII era battleship classes:
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    If that's what you want to discuss, then please do so.
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    Are there high quality thin leather jackets?

    Pick something up from the Santa Croce Leather School, Florence. Here are their current offerings. I did not check out all of them, but those I did were all lambskin. https://scuoladelcuoio.it/en/84-jackets Here is a general article about the Leather School...
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    Orvis offers many linen shirts. Of particular interest may be its Tri-Blend Bush Long-Sleeved Shirt, which essentially is a linen Indiana Jones-type shirt.
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    What Are You Reading

    i have been reading the Charlie Chan mysteries. Of the six total, I have already read the first, The House Without a Key, and the second, The Chinese Parrot. I now have on order the third, Behind That Curtain.
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    DC-3 / C-47

    People here might enjoy reading China's Wings, the story of William Langhorne Bond, who headed China National Aviation Corporation (CNAC), which basically was Pan Am in Chiang Kai-shek's China. https://www.amazon.com/Chinas-Wings-Intrigue-Romance-Adventure-ebook/dp/B00540P9DY It obviouisly...
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    History of the "Cafe Racer" jacket.

    In an outburst of irrational enthusiasm, I last night actually did purchase a black Aero cafe racer. Here is my fabulous acquisition: https://www.aeroleatherclothing.com/product-detail.php?id=5313 To put this into perspective, while I might someday be cast as a Marcus Brody, Indiana...
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    Boating Blazers

    Harvie & Hudson has one: https://www.harvieandhudson.com/clothing/jackets/bold-stripe-cotton-jacket/?geoc=US So does New & Lingwood: https://us.newandlingwood.com/mens-clothes/jackets-for-men/navy-boating-stripe-single-breasted-deconstructed-jacket
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    1940s trainer planes

    Please forgive the paywall, but the Financial Times has an article about how WWII era training planes are popular: Harvard education: why 1940s trainer planes are taking off again ‘Pilot-makers’ are an excellent entry into second world war aircraft, and investment pieces in their own right...
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    Today is the anniversary of D-Day. Accordingly, I post photos of the battleships that supported the invasion: USS Nevada: USS Texas: : USS Arkansas : HMS Warspite : HMS Rodney : HMS Ramillies :
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    DC-3 / C-47

    With all due respects, the DC 3 pales in comparison to the DC 2 1/2. The DC 2 1/2 was flown by CNAC, which basically was Pan Am in Chiang Kai-shek's China. At a certain point, CNAC was in a tight spot, so they joined a DC 2 wing to the fuselage of a DC 3. It actually flew. Reportedly...
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    Greetings to old friends and a hope to make new ones.

    I became interested in Steampunk / Dieselpunk as part of an effort to boost the local economy by promoting tourism. While I used a lot of materials for that purpose, much of it isn't "mine" in the sense that I am the creator of the item. Still, I do have thoughts, insights, information and...
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    Greetings to old friends and a hope to make new ones.

    I have returned to the Fedora Lounge after a long lapse. I look forward both to renewing old friendships and making new ones. For what it is worth, my interests had lead me to Steampunk, which lead to Dieselpunk. That naturally has led me back to the Fedora Lounge. Anyhow, here I am. A bit...
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    Sydney Greenstreet and Peter Lorre

    A quick Google search yields no information on this, but - for all their sinister, creepy reputation - I would suggest that the team of Syndey Greenstreet and Peter Lorre comes from the Commedia dell’arte. In particular, Greenstreet's character derives from the bullying, blustering Punch or...
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    Aero Cheyenne ?

    Hello folks. Its good to be back after having been absent for several years. Two points: 1) I have an Aero goatskin A-2, which is 5-10 years old and has Indian goatskin. Despite vigorous use, it remains in excellent condition. 2) I have an Aero horsehide Barnstormer. I would second the...
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    Spielberg: "Implosion" of Film Industry Imminent

    According to this article, The HuffingtonPost adds:

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