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  1. dirigoboy

    What is your favorite aircraft of all time?

    I will have to confess to two things, the first being that I know little of airplanes of The world wars, and the second thing, is that what I do know, is based on bias. Back during my high school days, I had a biology teacher who strode in to school each day in his tweed coat with a great deal...
  2. dirigoboy

    A Series; All Creatures Great and Small

    The second adaptation followed the first in terms of the cast. You could not have asked for a cast that jelled any better, they were all made for each other. I do the same thing in watching this series. I agree about Skeldale. Mrs. Pumphrey said it best when she compared it's layout to a...
  3. dirigoboy

    Vintage Outerwear: Threads of the Past

    While I haven't taken the time to scroll down thru all the replies, I will not be surprised with a finding that suggests that, those leather jackets and coats may have eminated with military contracts, considering early aviators and the like. A suggestion and observation. I had an Uncle...
  4. dirigoboy

    What Cap Are You Wearing Today?

    Thank you Eric, very kind of you to say......and precisely. I have the complete volumes and of course, the new series on PBS Masterpiece is......pure eye candy. I'd posted a querie regarding the northern Dales farmers and their knotted kneckerchieves, but no one undertook the exercise. I hope...
  5. dirigoboy

    What Cap Are You Wearing Today?

    I had posted my new acquisition elsewhere, and another member was kind enough to suggest that I post it here as well in caps section so, without further adieu, my new cap from Sterhowski (since 1926) out of Warsaw, Poland. I absolutely love it, it's style, fit and colors---a combination of dark...
  6. dirigoboy

    New Cap

    Thanks Eric....I'll stop by on your thread.
  7. dirigoboy

    New Cap

    I recently rec'd my new flat cap from Sterhowski out of Warsaw, Poland. I love it's colors. Perfect fit and pleased with it's craftsmanship. Slowly (lazily?) assembling a late '30's early '40's impression along the lines of a favorite series of mine in ACGS. Most of what I will purchase...
  8. dirigoboy

    A Piece of the Circle

    I have little profound to add...but, I have been a member here for a host of years, a collection of broken years, staying then going, and being involved in other things, then re-joining etc. Fact remains that regardless I have enjoyed this website because it's informative and, a bit of a time...
  9. dirigoboy

    A Series; All Creatures Great and Small

    As stated elsewhere tonight, I love this series based on the books. I've read them all, and was initially enthralled with the first series in the late 70's. I would be perhaps the wrong person to make comparisons or offer assessments on anything on set, but I have fully appreciated in this...
  10. dirigoboy

    What hat are you waiting for today?

    I',m a very big fan of All Creatures Great and Small...so influenced by them, my latest inspired purchase is a tweed cap rather than a hat, influenced in the series by Dales farmers. It should arrive in the next week or so....I hope
  11. dirigoboy


    I like vintage men's styles', particularly '40's working class etc. and as a big fan of the recreation of the All Creatures Great and Small Series it renewed an interest that had been lying dormant. This afternoon I was putzing around a bit on-line and came across a U.K. site that specializes...
  12. dirigoboy

    Favorite WWII song? Lili Marleen.

    I'm only on here and there, but regarding music from the era, I'm haunted by Edith Piaf's song from Saving Private Ryan....well, that and the sound of that Tiger Tank backing up. Here's to music from a great movie.
  13. dirigoboy

    Do women hate men's hats?

    There exists a solution to the conundrum...........'beer goggles' (the increased attractiveness of the opposite sex when one is drunk). Beauty can then exist equitably for all. I was a living historian for over 20 years-----had the first class impression, counted all the stitches and all...
  14. dirigoboy

    How many new jackets do you have coming (and how many potential ones)?

    As a Downton fan, I had been looking for a long coat. I found a lightly used full length one in a brown Harris Tweed today. Should go nicely with my darker brown fedora. With snow on the ground for the few next few months.....I don't know, it seems reasonable.
  15. dirigoboy

    Civil War Forage Caps: A Review of Several Modern Sutlers

    I was involved in living history for many years before stepping away. Having been out of the loop for a host of years now, I've lost track of the vendors and discussion on authentic gear, yet having been one of the Campaigner ranks, I believed in buying only quality uniforms and equipage, even...

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