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  1. feltfan

    Bad idea?

    I would vote for leaving it as-is. It looks just right, in a vintage style. Like a lot of vintage pieces, our aesthetic has changed. It may look long to you, but it's the right fit. Great jacket as-is.
  2. feltfan

    Show your graining

    Love that! Been looking for something like that for years. All I need is room for the laptop. Then again, crowded subways haven't been as big a problem lately.
  3. feltfan

    Lets see those Motorcycle Jackets!

    Thanks. I've seen worse sites... Maybe next time I'm out that way. Enjoy your jacket!
  4. feltfan

    Lets see those Motorcycle Jackets!

    Nice jacket. Who made it?
  5. feltfan

    What would you tell your former self about ordering a custom Aero?

    Leather at the bottom of the lining. I had to get Johnson to add it when the lining got tattered. BTW, I have a Good Wear, four Johnsons, and some vintage. I like the Aero I have and wear it often. I wear the other ones, too. Surprised by all these folks who ordered jackets they didn't like...
  6. feltfan

    Cal-Leathers Shop Visit, Ventura CA.

    Sigh. Not so many in size 50. Not too long ago I visited the Langlitz store in Portland, OR. They keep quite a stock of old jackets. Pretty rare to do that.
  7. feltfan

    Cal-Leathers Shop Visit, Ventura CA.

    Nice. Looked like they have a lot of old/vintage jackets? Do they stock and sell vintage?
  8. feltfan

    Side Laces on Motorcycle Jacket?

    Haven't looked at this thread for a while. I have a Johnson that was made for me around 25 years ago. Yes, people ask if it is "vintage", and it is... but also made for me... You can see pictures somewhere around here and I promise more pics soon. When Alan first measured me he counseled that...
  9. feltfan

    Photos of cool jackets owned by others (non-brand specific)

    I thought we had a place for vintage photos of jackets, but I can't find it. Here's one from a group I'm in on Facebook that just has to be shared here. This is the caption: "Leslie Van Denmark had the distinction of driving the first motorcycle across the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge 1936"
  10. feltfan

    Finds and Deals - Leather Jacket Edition

    Size 44 Johnson Leathers. $80. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/779734019492997 Not mine. Just saw it...
  11. feltfan

    Who wears/wore porkpies?

  12. feltfan

    Ship John

    Thank you! Wow what a business model!
  13. feltfan

    Ship John

    How do you guys hear about new products before they sell out? I follow them on IG, but that does not look like a good way to get the word early.
  14. feltfan

    Johnson Leather MC500

    Great jacket, great fit. Congrats.
  15. feltfan

    Johnson Leather MC500

    Man, if you like the fit jacket, you're going to love the real thing. I have a few Johnsons myself. That looks, for me at least, a touch long in the sleeves (but just a little- 1/4" maybe) and a touch short at the belt line (Ideally I'd cover the belt, but it's a personal style preference)...
  16. feltfan

    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    Looks like a great fit to me. Note that real punk rockers are old enough to be grandfathers now.
  17. feltfan

    F/S Vanson BR Horsehide Enfield 50, Excellent

    Current price is $600 shipped CONUS? Any better pictures? Close ups of the collar? Made in the USA or El Salvador? Thanks.
  18. feltfan

    Stetson Whippet Excellent Edition 7 1/4 100x beaver 1937 model

    Wow, nice. Wish it were larger.
  19. feltfan

    Cracked/Torn Capeskin

    That's an interesting clue. My GW capeskin is not water resistant. I can see how drying might make the leather more brittle/stiff. This argues for treating the capeskin with Pecard's or equivalent, as a preventative.
  20. feltfan

    Cracked/Torn Capeskin

    Sorry to hear this. My GW capeskin A1 has not done this yet. If it did, I'd be tempted to sew up the crack. Seems odd. I wonder if there is some hardening of the leather? Do you make sure the jacket has good air flow around it when you aren't wearing it? Regarding the Pecard's, did the shine...

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