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  1. BigWasabi

    Show us your motorcycles!

    Nice to find this thread... and seeing all the really awesome bikes. Anyways, here is my contribution, I have a few bikes but only noticed a couple of Ducati's posted here, so here are my two Mike Hailwood 900 Evoluzione (MH900e). One is in the stock red color (nr. 1305) and the other is with...
  2. BigWasabi

    Master Supply Co

    Thanks everyone! I didn’t realize it comes with the fake pantina, I just assumed that was a worn look one could expect with time. I appreciate all the suggestions, please keep them coming however besides the cut, I really like the British Tan/Gold/Mustard color… that’s what really caught my...
  3. BigWasabi

    Master Supply Co

    I searched and searched the forum but strangly could not find anything regarding Master Supply Co. (https://mastersupply.co/). I found that odd since this forum has been my go-to for the small nieches of clothing, especially leather outwear. I was hoping to hear some comments and ideally...
  4. BigWasabi

    Thoughts on the Black Bear Brand Western Horween Jacket?

    So noob question, when does a shirt become a jacket? I ask cause I notice a few of these described as a shirt where others are a jacket... has it anything to do with the weight of the material or something?
  5. BigWasabi

    Thoughts on the Black Bear Brand Western Horween Jacket?

    So I've been watching this item for some time now, and have to say I love the green inner liner as well as matieral but have held off in purchasing it so far, and wanted to hear if anyone had any knowledge or experirence with them first? I'm not sure who is making the Black Bear Jackets, so that...
  6. BigWasabi

    Langlitz Leathers' Butterscotch Goat

    Ping: @Tony No-Toes Any chance we can get an update on this and see how the butterscotch has aged? I ask cause I'm thinking of this custom color myself. I'm trying to avoid the "flat" color and would like some patina if possible.. maybe even have to condition it to help it get there some...
  7. BigWasabi

    Langlitz Leathers Death's Head Cascade

    Does anyone know how the Langlitz Sand, Gold or Palomino colors look? I can only find them on the color samples, but it's hard to see how it looks without a bigger swath of material to see the characteristics of the color. Would like to avoid the "flat" colors and allow for some Patina in...
  8. BigWasabi

    Ask a Question, Get An Answer About Outerwear

    What?! Seriously!? All this time I could have just done that... that makes me so happy to hear and yet I'm diappointed that I didn't think of this myself already. Thank you, I'll give it a go.
  9. BigWasabi

    Ask a Question, Get An Answer About Outerwear

    I've searched but haven't found anything thus far, so I hope this isn't a repeated question: I have several very nice leather jackets, one of which is goat skin and it is squeaky. Think like a pair of shoes that every time you step in them they make a sound, I have this effect on this specific...
  10. BigWasabi

    Ask a Question, Get An Answer About Outerwear

    Hi, I am new here and have looked around quite a bit but am having difficulty finding any kind of thread on travel? Specifically, I'm looking for a Main travel thread, where perhaps countries and cities are listed individually and the places one should consider visiting while there? Like the...
  11. BigWasabi

    Freewheelers Sunset Deerskin Jacket Yellow Ochre Size 42

    Still available? Am interested if so... thanks!

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