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  1. priestyboy

    ATF HBT Trousers Question

    Always found ATF to be top notch.
  2. priestyboy

    No more USS Enterprise

    Gene Roddenberry is rolling over in his grave!
  3. priestyboy

    Rara Avis - What rare WWII aircraft would you like to see flying?

    How about a TBD Devestator?!
  4. priestyboy

    WWII in HD

    I expected a little more but nonetheless, it's still really great!
  5. priestyboy

    Need help in Disney unit insignia identification...

    This guy on Ebay routinely sells Disney patches. You might contact him and see if he recognizes it and can ID. I checked his current inventory and didn't see yours. But he has helped me out in the past. http://stores.shop.ebay.com/scattaurus7777__W0QQ_armrsZ1
  6. priestyboy

    WWII Reenacting Discussion Thread

    Am looking for some AAF group(s) in the Seattle/Olympia, WA area!
  7. priestyboy

    Who Did You Just See Live?

    Ahh, Glenn Miller Orchestra! Manhattan, KS
  8. priestyboy

    Gold(en Era) Mine!

    For anybody who lives in the Olympia Washington area, and in case you didn't know, there's a gold mine of music, free, on your AM radio dial! I stumbled upon AM 680, KBRD which plays 20s-40s music. It's a sun up to sun down station that's listener supported. Great stuff! They say you...
  9. priestyboy

    New WW2 re-enactor magazine coming soon!

    I bet FT Worth Gal would be a good person to do an article for females.
  10. priestyboy

    New WW2 re-enactor magazine coming soon!

    Just ordered the Summer Issue myself. The Paypal does make it so much easier. We'll see how it goes. The website looks good so hopefully the magazine is too.
  11. priestyboy

    A-2 Jacket patching question

    The AAF HQ (star and wings) patch could only go on the left sleeve. The right sleeve is reserved for the combat unit last served in and the whole AAF HQ didn't deploy. Most correct would be the 8th patch (star wings and circle on top of star) on the left sleeve. You'd find some post war...
  12. priestyboy

    Is there something you really want to wear but are chicken?

    Really? Well, I'm in Olympia so I guess I better head that way!
  13. priestyboy

    repro photo paper

    I've seen some B+W retro style photos that were put onto a feathered edge type photo paper that gave it that "old photo" appearance. I have searched the Internet for some of this photo paper, to no avail. Anybody know of where to get this vintage style feathered edge photo paper?
  14. priestyboy

    Boy recalls past life as a fighter pilot

    With an MDiv too, I say AMEN! I have ordered the book and will read it with an open mind. It is us who puts limits on God.
  15. priestyboy

    Vintage look photo paper

    Anybody have an idea on how to find vintage look photo paper with the decorated edges that you can use to print from the computer through your printer? Many of us have vintage look reenactor photos and I think it'd be neat to be able to print them off on this 40s style paper for that true...
  16. priestyboy

    What cigar (or pipe) did you smoke today?

    Bonanza Ahh, a blend called "Bonanza" from a shop in Estes Park, CO smoked in a Kaywoodie Campus!
  17. priestyboy

    Air Corp Service Pilots

    I've looked all around on the Internet and even have both "Pinks and Greens" books and just can't find out much at all about the Air Corps Service Pilots. I know they were many times older guys (a little to old to join) who were already civilian pilots with lots of hours, and so the Army...
  18. priestyboy

    Vintage Tee-shirts

    Where are they? Where do you find these? I can't see any on his webpage. http://www.diamondcapco.com/index.html
  19. priestyboy

    Basic duty uniform ETO

    Looking to put together a basic AAC officer/pilot uniform that would have been worn on a normal ETO day around the English airbase. Maybe on a dreary and misty "off-day" from flying a mission. Would it have been a "pink/chocolate" shirt and say a pair of "pink" pants with an A-2 or M-41...
  20. priestyboy

    WWII ID papers???

    Navy Repro? Does anybody out there know of a place that does USN repro paperwork like IDs?

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