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  1. The Captain

    True Grit!

    It will have horses, cowboys, AND Jeff Bridges in the title roll; What's not to like? Bring Back Western Movies!
  2. The Captain

    What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Leave Her to Heaven ~ 1945. Saw it on a PBS station.
  3. The Captain

    Twin Peaks--20 Years Old This Week!

    I miss the "Log Lady"!
  4. The Captain

    Cowboys You Might Remember

    Thanks, HD. Even though it did bring a tear to my eye (yes, I remember every one of them), I have some good memories. Like the cold and snowy night in Nebraska I met Audy Murphy at a premier of one of his films. I think of this short verse by Wallace Tripp a lot. "Oh, wretched world, more...
  5. The Captain

    Another Golden Era theater renovated

    I think that's a great idea. What is more of a link to our collective memories, or for some younger Fedora Loungers, a glimpse of the "way things were", than the cinema palaces of the Golden Age? I have posted a link to one such theatre in a previous thread. Now, 75 years of showing films, it is...
  6. The Captain

    Small town theatre nearly 75 years old

    Thank you, Lizzie. The PSA was right on the money. My friends have struggled to keep this little theatre open for years. Being the only screen for 50 miles is a plus and having first run films doesn't hurt, but the cost of keeping the doors open requires an occasional "benefit" show to augment...
  7. The Captain

    Small town theatre nearly 75 years old

    This theatre (owned by a friend of mine) celebrates 75 years of showing films this August. The theatres new web site is worth a look. The historical pictures of the vehicles lining the street are great. www.garbervilletheatre.com
  8. The Captain

    What are you listening to?

    Well, thanks to a FL member, I am listening to WKHR.ORG streaming great music from the 30s-50s and I couldn't be happier. Ella, Lady Day, Bing, The Andrews Sisters, and BIG BANDS. Excellent!
  9. The Captain

    WKHR Online Listening

    I'm listening right now to a mellow, jazzy version of "Autumn Leaves". What a treat! Thank you, Doggy! :eusa_clap
  10. The Captain

    Crown Coach, the Royalty of Pupil Transportation and Fire Apparatus

    As a retired firefighter, I found this article most interesting. A long read, but worth every minute! Thank you, Professor!
  11. The Captain

    I'm stuck in the 80s...automotively

    Dave, I retired shortly after the car was purchased, so my wife and I usually use our '72 Chevrolet 1/2 ton pickup. That is why the milage is so low.
  12. The Captain

    I'm stuck in the 80s...automotively

    Here is a shot of my odometer taken last year (I do have a few more miles on it since then). Yes, the Berlinetta is/was touted to be a touring car. The ride is nice out on the road and it handles like a "slot car". The speedo having km/h on the same needle as MPH is a sign of the times - the '80s.
  13. The Captain

    I'm stuck in the 80s...automotively

    I'm a Chevrolet man from way back. Among the group is this '82 Berlinetta Camaro. Always keep it the garage (bought it new in '82).
  14. The Captain

    What was the last TV show you watched?

    WANTED: DEAD or ALIVE I recently purchased the boxed set - all 94 shows - of the '58 series starring Steve McQueen. Sure, it's in black & white, but re-mastering has made the shows "POP"! And the guest stars are a trip down memory lane. I know, fifty years+ might not be old enough to qualify as...
  15. The Captain

    Good Evening Los Angeles, this is.........

    Thanks for the info on KGIL 1260! I'm listening to the live streaming feed as I write this. One thing: It's a little strange hearing some of these songs called RETRO, when I remember them as new tunes. Deano singing, "That's Amore". Oh, I forgot. I'm retro, too! Thanks again!
  16. The Captain

    Life gets "tejus".....

    I'm feeling like this today. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HlEdMg7d_o
  17. The Captain

    Sahara Las Vegas

    I don't recall that name, but I do know there were some nice shops in the hotel. I'll check my "sources" and see what I can come up with. (My wife and were married in LV in '62.)
  18. The Captain

    Hot Rods, Rat Rods, and Classics

    This was parked near me (last year) and I couldn't resist shooting a few pics.

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