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  1. Chrome

    Vintage Police Uniforms

    Nice discussion here, like said before Police must earn authoritative position. One way to earn it is by looking intimidating so everyone will notice them. Is that good way to protect and serve? in my opinion is no it isn't, but who am I to say :) I understand that officers realise the...
  2. Chrome

    WiDEBRIM'S TIES FOR 2014: Third Batch

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  3. Chrome

    Show off the sports coats.

    Thanks, No markings at all, liner is repaired in few places and still ripped/worn in few others. I thought previous owner was real party animal before A.C. Lyles gave his idea. Didn't even cross my mind to use it as outerwear :) just weighed it and it is 3,4 lbs. Good to show here something and...
  4. Chrome

    Interest Coat/blazer/please comment...

    My bets are in the smoking jacket also, not really fancy but nice housecoat anyhow.
  5. Chrome

    Show off the sports coats.

    This is my winter lounge lizard coat. Really thick, heavy and padded. Was bit big on me so my current seamstress could add darts in front, I had nothing to loose :) Color is much darker than in the first two, but that third is too dark. I really like this but it is really too thick...
  6. Chrome

    Show us your waistcoats/Vests?

    My pinstripe vest, prpably part of lost suit but I really like it. Six pocket if you count inside pocket too and nice pleats. Inside pocket is as deep as it could be. What is the history behind these pockets? wallets when not wearing jacket? That white stuff is snow :)
  7. Chrome

    Hair cuts

    I also like the feel after haircut, I guess being refreshed could have something to do with air going thru your scalp. In winter your ears will remind the coldness of air after losing hairy shield :D I've used that German haircut guide, or one part of it.. I guess in the name of correctness you...
  8. Chrome

    WIDEBRIM'S TIES FOR 2014: First Batch

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  9. Chrome

    Show Us Your Purchases....GUYS !

    Thrifting during the week. Found dinner jacket and trousers from 1931 and formal day trousers. Finnish army uniform jacket from 1959 and this leather jacket Best of all, total cost 15$
  10. Chrome

    What are you wearing today??

    New leather jacket in test use. Quite stiff and dry so oil before real use. I like it
  11. Chrome

    Chester Cordite

    Safari jacket is wool. Nice jacket, but safari jacket it isn't.
  12. Chrome

    ***The Great Suit Trading Thread***

    Sent you message. I use photobucket as my upload site and then link here.
  13. Chrome

    Sports coat as outerwear

    From last winter.. serge suit
  14. Chrome

    The delightful attic smell.

    I'll stick to the old freezer trick then. Fortunately winter is coming soon and clothes will get to see some snow and cold air.
  15. Chrome

    The delightful attic smell.

    Would good steaming do the same? I also have pressure washer :D but with only bit off pressure I could wash jacket easily. Hmm, never thought that big cost saving of dry cleaner bill is self ironing.. I'll have to ask can I do my own ironing.
  16. Chrome

    What are you wearing today??

    I like your outfit miss S, wool socks ice the cake :D I like Winter too, but I could live without wet autumn. Well, you cannot have your winter wonderland for free I guess.
  17. Chrome

    ***The Great Suit Trading Thread***

    Im looking size 36/37 suits, separates or sports jackets. for swap. I have some suits/formal wear that are too big for me. I think big problem is complexity of this thread, everyone should post their own size first or last and size of the item. Otherwise people don't see if they have anything...
  18. Chrome

    Formal Wear Primer

    I bought another set to formal happenings. I don't know why I buy these agin and again but this was too nice and special to skip. I found a white tie outfit and a black tie jacket & vest from same guys wardrobe. Both were made from same cloth, buttons and same time. I guess trousers were ment to...
  19. Chrome

    New visit Finland video,

    Nothing vintage but.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DdJhNlM7ao
  20. Chrome

    German motorcycle photos w. riders

    Bsa is 500cc side valve sloaper. I like it's one piece cylinder as there is no head at all. Board track racer would really be something, I wouldn't even care is it replica or not :). '10s and early twenties motorcycles are expensive even without papers or most of its parts. Where do you get...

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