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  1. Etienne

    Show us what you've made!

    Your mother-daughter clothes are just adorable!! No doubt they will be very wearable for your baby girl next spring, too! Great job!
  2. Etienne

    How tall are you, Ladies?

    That's an excellent observation, gluegungeisha! You're probably right about the confidence factor, protection, and desirability. It would be interesting if we were talking about weight instead of height--would we be mentioning the relative girth of the men we are with? Would we even be...
  3. Etienne

    How tall are you, Ladies?

    Well, I'm 5' 81/2", the shortest woman in my family. All of my 4 sisters are between 5' 10" and 5' 11", my only brother is 6' 4", Dad was 6' 4" and his brother was 6' 9". My hubby is 6' 1", our daughter is 5' 10" and our son is 6' 3". So, in my family I am a shrimp!
  4. Etienne

    Signature Shades

    I almost always buy my foundation in three shades--one that is as close as possible to my skin, one that is darker with a bit more yellow, and one that is very light. I've never found one that is perfect, so I pump out a bit more of the closest one and add a dab of the darker one to it. As the...
  5. Etienne

    Show us your vintage hats!

    Texasgirl, that hat with the lace top looks stunning on you! What a lovely shape for your beautiful face!
  6. Etienne

    Show Us Your Purchases!

    Absolutely wonderful finds!!!! (LOVE the gloves!) Lucky YOU!--Etienne:eusa_clap :eusa_clap
  7. Etienne

    any old-school housewives??

    I have been a homemaker and SAHM all of my married life (34 years!) I loved every single moment of it and would do it all again in a heartbeat. The joy of being there to watch and instruct and enjoy our children brought me deep satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment. I have never once felt...
  8. Etienne

    Show Us Your Purchases!

    GORGEOUS shoes!!!
  9. Etienne

    Show us your vintage patterns!

    Thanks, LadyDay! Number 364 is just what I had in mind--and thank you, JupitersDarling, for the heads up on that pattern link! Etienne
  10. Etienne

    Show us your vintage patterns!

    Looking for a Pattern... (If this isn't posted correctly, please feel free to move it!) I am looking for a pattern for a ladies' long robe that has a fitted waist. I've noticed in a lot of old movies that the robes or dressing gowns that women wore tended to have waistbands. (I hate the...
  11. Etienne

    Nothing but Seamed Stockings

    Noir Dame, I wear an 8/12 to 9 shoe and I wear 10 1/2 L or tall stockings. (I am 5' 8 1/2"). If I wear anything shorter than a 10 1/2, I pop right through the toes!
  12. Etienne

    Cold Cream- Brands and advice!

    Gluegungeisha, what make and color of lipstick are you wearing in your avatar? It looks fabulous on you! I posted this to you before but didn't find a response--maybe it's too far back! Anyway, does it tend to stain the lips and do you find that the oils remove it well? Thanks!
  13. Etienne

    Oil Cleansing Method

    Gluegungeisha, what make and color of lipstick are you wearing in your avatar? It looks fabulous on you! Does it come completely off with the oil cleansing method?
  14. Etienne

    Goldleaf's Great News...and some buying advice!

    Goldleaf. How are you feeling? Have you been hit with morning sickness at all? Hope not, but if so, it usually only lasts for the first three months. So thrilled for you and your husband!! Will this be the first grandchild for your folks or his?
  15. Etienne

    Peep toe shoes....

    I have a young friend who is a women's shoes designer for a really well-known company. I forwarded her the information to get onto the FL and check out our concerns in this thread. I hope it will make a difference!
  16. Etienne

    How do you store your purses?

    About a month ago I purchased a few yards of clear plastic at Joanne's Fabric Store. I roughly measured each of my purses and cut the plastic into envelope shapes for each bag. I simply folded the plastic so the fold was on the bottom, and the excesss for the flap was at the top, and stitched...
  17. Etienne

    Questions About Day Dresses

    Another idea if the length happens to be too long for your petite size, is to make a belt or sash with the extra length you cut off. That way it matches the dress and doesn't draw extra attention to your waist.
  18. Etienne

    Hat and Glove Era Advise & Etiquette

    You just stick the pin into the crown of your hat on one side, "catch" a bunch of hair underneath, and push it out on the other side! I find the onger the pin, the better it holds because it's catching more hair. Some of my hats have small combs sewn into them on the inside rim, which is truly...
  19. Etienne


    Lovely pictures!! Speaking of movie stars and scarves, I watched an old movie we have called "Come Live With Me and Be My Love" last night, with Jimmy Stewart and Hedy Lamar. In it, Stewart find a "garment" of hers that looks a lot like a pair of footless hosiery with a stretched waist. He's...
  20. Etienne

    Vintage clothing: when is enough, enough?

    Somehow I never saw this thread earlier...but upon reading it, I immediately thought, "When is enough CLOTHING IN GENERAL enough, vintage or otherwise?" I guess I am of the school that says that I don't want things in general to own ME! Moderation is the ticket for me!

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