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    Leather Western Overshirt

    Matches the haircut.
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    Thedi Cafe Racer - a very nice surprise

    That is a great fit, you'll be the flashest bloke at The Oaks :cool:
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    Aero Bootlegger order advice

    HD - I apologise and do not wish to derail this thread - but what is that tree to your left? Did you grow it? It is beautiful.
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    AERO One Off Halfbelt - Jacket Porn - Pics!!!

    Congratulations Rudie that is the nicest jacket I have seen on this site in ages. I have been searching for an ideal jacket for yonks and that one just about nails it for me. Combined with your other jacket styles you will have any future style direction covered as you and your jackets get...
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    Schott 689h from usaleatherco on the bay

    Contact eBay directly, I would be very surprised if a seller was able to posthumously adjust the price of an item - mistake or not. If you have no joy then you always have the option of negative feedback which if what you say is true would be entirely justified, I imagine a seller like this...
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    Aero FQHH Motorcycle Jacket vs. Schott 618HH

    What a fantastic thread - thanks for taking the time to take the photos and show the difference between the two makers and their patterns, leather and style. Really appreciate it.
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    Thurston Bros. - Official Affiliate Thread

    Hi Carrie, What is the back length on the Vanson Model B (44)? It looks a little longer than the Aeros. Do Vanson do a mid weight brown? It is a superb looking jacket. Cheers!
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    Thurston Bros. - Official Affiliate Thread

    Hi Carrie, what is the back length on one of your 44 Sunbursts?
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    Help identifying Schott??? Jacket.

    I bought a Schott online but checked with Gail before I paid to ensure it was the real deal. She confirmed it was genuine and also said that for a period (mine was made in the '80's) they only put labels on the zip out liners, not the jackets themselves. No liner = no label. By the looks of your...
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    Thanks for all the replies. Armscye I will give my dodgy Cardiff a wash following your instructions before I do the Schott. Really appreciate the advice.
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    I have just had to replace all our wardrobes as our house has been attacked by damp. My old Schott and dodgy leather from Cardiff have been assaulted and I was wondering if you had any tips for removing the mould? I have read heavily diluted clove oil (in baby oil?!?) is an excellent way of...
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    Some one-off Aeros?

    Using the the hides to produce a two-tone style jacket could look cool, instead of a black/brown two-tone have the mismatched hides used in a more uniform sense. The half and half front is probably a step too far for most people's taste - especially at over 500 quid a pop.
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    New Aero range has gone live !!

    I'd happily pay extra for the back design of the Dustbowl - it just blows my mind. Walking around with my arms crossed to show off the detail and contrast on the back seams.
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    Hudson's Bay point blanket coats

    Hi there, There is an eBay store I spend time in perving at all his vintage leather, the store aint cheap but he does also have those coats. I am not a shill, I am only posting this link as I think you may be interested. The store name is iRecognize - hope this helps...
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    Alexander Leathers

    "Opinions are like assholes son - everyone has one and they ALL stink" is how my old man used to put it. But then he was as rough as hessian underpants with a head like a Romanian robber's dog. Be happy in your jackets man, they are all really nice.
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    Searching for my first leather jacket……in Japan. Aero? Rainbow Country? (w/ pics)

    Man that is a sweet jacket - but not a patch on the Westerner. I just love the detail.
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    Searching for my first leather jacket……in Japan. Aero? Rainbow Country? (w/ pics)

    Hi Ishmael, Let me start by saying how jealous I am that you are able to visit and select from Mushmans store. I stumbled across their online store by accident about 18 months ago and fell in love with this: I have been unable to find anything like it since and it is out of my price...
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    Lost Worlds Horsehide Pea Coat

    I have spent a heap of time on this site trying to work out the direction I want to go with a jacket. Seeing yours has just thrown a spanner in the works because that jacket looks so damn fine. Great fit and look - well done. I hope it brings you a lifetime of happiness.
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    My mind has just EXPLODED

    Those are a beautiful pair of boots, sounds like they were made by an artisan at the top of his game and will last you and whoever is lucky enough to own them after you a long long time. And I bet they didn't cost 100 grand.

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