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  1. Bustercat

    What cigar (or pipe) did you smoke today?

    bent bulldog BBB with the last of my Dan Blue Note :( Alas, out of production now.
  2. Bustercat

    Sahara Hotel and Casino closing

    Great bareknuckle reviews of Vegas joints here, for people who just want a good loud time with their friends: http://www.cheapovegas.com/index.php I'm still bummed they got rid of the copper mine (penny slots!) at the gold spike. The rooms look alot better now, and they kept the old-school feel...
  3. Bustercat

    Vintage Fonts

    dafont is great. House Industries is king when it comes to vintage typefaces. Lots of great brush faces as well. I'd recommend you take a look at Neutra, about as Art Deco as you can get. http://www.houseind.com/fonts/neutraface
  4. Bustercat

    Vintage professions you'd like to see come back.....

    Signpainters, and the art of lettering. Thankfully some people are still keeping the flame going in a digital sense: http://www.houseind.com/
  5. Bustercat

    My Wife Couldn't Stand My 78's!

    Before I clicked your video I pictured 20's and 30's ballads with men warbling in high pitched voices, a tough sell for alot of ladies. But now I'm mystified! What does your wife listen to, specifically?
  6. Bustercat

    Lord Kent?

    Does anyone know about this company? It's history? Just received a "Beaver 15" in the mail for a song, great condition. Looking to find out more.
  7. Bustercat

    Blind Barber - NYC

    My local barbershop used to serve booze up to about a hundred years ago. They used to do alot more than haircuts at barber shops, starting with bloodletting in ancient times. In the 1800's they were still doing tooth pulling at my shop. They'd give you drinks to numb the pain. Now the bar area...
  8. Bustercat

    How to use real vintage phones on your cell phone line

    messing around around with the programs advance settings, there are options for adjusting the delay of incoming calls so that they work with calller id. So I'm guessing yes, but I don't know. The intent of these devices is to integrate cell phones with people's existing cordless/base unit...
  9. Bustercat

    iPhone app that makes movies look ancient

    Any of you able to film movies on your 3g? (not 3gs) I have to film using another app, transfer to the computer, then ftp it back to myself. Really annoying.
  10. Bustercat

    Money Clip question

    Maybe it's where I grew up, but I don't want anyone to see my green except the person I'm handing it too, and then it's only the amount they're getting. I have a wallet with a slimmer removable portion inside for a few bills and cards for when I'm wearing a suit.
  11. Bustercat

    Shaving brush

    How about getting the lather out of the brush and onto your face? Is it easier or harder with a badger?
  12. Bustercat

    New Generation Brims With Anxiety Over Hat Etiquette

    Well, one thing is clear: hat wearers have never had it easier. When they practice good ettiquette, it's appreciated more than in the past because it stands out. If they don't practice it, it doesn't offend like it used to because keeping a hat on is the norm in so many places. What more could...
  13. Bustercat

    WEIRD stuff from the golden era

    ^Seriously! The postmodern "our parents and grandparents were wrong about everything" epidemic is what's really gotten out of hand. Ironic too, that they still insist on some illusory standard of "perfect, normal, cookie-cutter children" while claiming to be so independent and outside the box...
  14. Bustercat

    The Rocky Hat?

    What are the possibilities Hatco/Dobbs could make a fur version of their "Rocky" on a one off basis?
  15. Bustercat

    New Generation Brims With Anxiety Over Hat Etiquette

    If there's any rule of hat etiquette I'd like to see come back, it's the one that instructs every man on the street to take his lid off when a funeral procession comes by. Imagine what it must feel like for a widow, or a bereaved child to see the whole world around them acknowledge their loss...
  16. Bustercat

    What cigar (or pipe) did you smoke today?

    Bowl of Maltese Falcon in a BBB this morning. A tasty ceasar salad for dinner. Now, enjoying my favorite "go-to" cigar, a Hoyo Excalibur Prensado (this one from '02) with a snifter of Laphroig.
  17. Bustercat

    Your signature cocktail.

    Here's how I make my manhattans: 4oz Pikesville Rye 1oz Noily Dry 1oz Noily Sweet 3 dashes angostura 1 dash fee aromatic Keep the bottle of Rye in the freezer for an hour with the glass. Add all ingredients in your shaker (no ice) and shake hard. Pour up and add a cherry.
  18. Bustercat

    Retro-extremists? What are we called?

    For someone who doesn't like labels, you're quick to call people "nerds" who are simply toying with the idea of finding a fun term to describe what they have in common. And you've certainly written a lot of words defending your position on a topic by rights you really shouldn't care about. If...
  19. Bustercat

    New Generation Brims With Anxiety Over Hat Etiquette

    I've actually been a little floored by the response good hat ettiquette has been getting me. I get called "sir" all the time, and people respond to my politeness quite a bit more than when I was hatless. It's almost as if it puts one's civility into context. It's funny, I've found the biggest...
  20. Bustercat

    Vintage Digital Camera....?

    I'd love to see your results transplanting digital guts into an old case, especially if you can do it nondestructively. What I would love to see more of is digi camera design that takes inspiration from old materials, lines, and typography. Rather than a modern device designed to look hand...

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