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  1. cloudylemonade

    Aero Original Hercules

    Thanks for the great video! :)
  2. cloudylemonade

    Prayers for Ken of Aero

    This one brought a much needed smile to both our faces today ❤️
  3. cloudylemonade

    Prayers for Ken of Aero

    Saw this thread today, thanks so much for everyone’s well wishes. I read some of these out to my dad in hospital today and he’s truly touched. Good news is he’s doing very well, is in good spirits and the doctors are very pleased with his progress. There’s going to be some tough time ahead as...
  4. cloudylemonade

    New Aero Website looks Great!!!

    Sorry to hear you've been waiting this long, we're just extremely busy after the launch of the new site - lots of people took advantage of the 10% discount offer and its taking quite some time to wade through all the orders pending. That said, you shouldn't still be waiting this long. If...
  5. cloudylemonade

    My frustrating experience with Aero customer service

    I have emailed you in response to this thread but I would just like to add I never accused you of opening the package carelessly, I asked you if the package had been tampered with/opened by customs.
  6. cloudylemonade

    Which leather for an Aero Premier Halfbelt?

    I'd just like to add in, apologies for some delay with replies. We only work a half day on a Friday, so especially emails coming in Friday afternoon/over the weekend we need a little time. We are only a small family business and are dealing with a high volume of enquiries and emails at the...
  7. cloudylemonade

    New Aero Website looks Great!!!

    Sorry about this, these delays in changeover is why we've not emailed our customer base or publised the new site yet... Here was me thinking it was going to be as instant as flicking on a light switch, but apparently not! We're hoping by tomorrow afternoon everything will have fully...
  8. cloudylemonade

    New Aero Website looks Great!!!

    This has been a bit of an issue with the developement, and it was holding up the launch so we went ahead without this but this is something that will be worked on ASAP, it's an essential we are working on getting up. As Pandemic pointed out, for now if you go through as though you're going to...
  9. cloudylemonade

    New Aero Website looks Great!!!

    FYI, there is some jumping between the old and new website happening during the transitional period, so please bare with us, this will be resolved soon and apparently can happen for around 24 hours. We're working on ironing out the glitches at the moment. Thanks for your patience!
  10. cloudylemonade

    New Aero Website looks Great!!!

    Sorry about any bugs, it's only just gone live - there was some delay with the complete transition during business hours today, we'll be looking at any issues but we've had other orders come in. If you're having a problem feel free to email me on holly@aeroleatherclothing.com and we'll do our...
  11. cloudylemonade

    Heroes Jacket

    It will be offered when Ruskin launches, but unfortunately COVID has really delayed things with this, as its not been safe for me to continue working closely with my dad on things. Hopefully be able to start work on this again once I've been vaccinated, which can't come quickly enough!
  12. cloudylemonade

    First Post, Big thanks and a new Highwayman

    Ahhh you are too kind, thank you for such lovely feedback on your experience! So happy to see the jacket fits so well and you're so pleased with it! :)
  13. cloudylemonade

    Ever think some jackets are overhyped

    I was just trying to respond to this, but I see the photos speak louder than words. Was going to say this must be the fact that we don't glue them flat ;) But, to add more we overlap the zipper for two reasons, first to keep the wind out and keep the wearer warm, and secondly zip teeth aren't...
  14. cloudylemonade

    Ever think some jackets are overhyped

    I would say that the jackets made with this technique are more prone to tearing at the seams under heavy wear due to the skiving and high stitch count. From our first hand experience the method used to glue the front edges and the fold at the zipper makes zipper replacement extremely difficult...
  15. cloudylemonade

    Ever think some jackets are overhyped

    I'm going to have to step in and post something on behalf of our highly skilled machinists. This really isn't the case. To achieve the laser stitching done by some Japanese Companies Aero would only need to do the following things... 1. Skive all the leather on the thick seam. 2. Use a very...
  16. cloudylemonade

    Aero Steerhide jacket model help

    As someone's pointed out, this is our 'Montgomery', it's shown in Alaskan Steerhide which is unfortunately no longer available, as the tannery is now defunct. It was very similar to Vicenza however, I'm told! This style is about be re-introduced, it seems that nobody had noticed it was left...
  17. cloudylemonade

    AeroMarine featured on "The Dig" movie

    Yep, this is our Aeromarine made from Battered Steerhide, which is a perfect weight for this style! Both of Ben Caplin/Stuart Piggott’s Tweed suits are also by Aero, and quite a few original vintage pieces in the film were from our archive stocks. It's lovely to see them on screen!
  18. cloudylemonade

    Sizing questions Aero Leather A-1 jacket

    I've just added a new thread about this very topic, I hope it'll help guide things a little but please feel free to email me at holly@aeroleatherclothing.com for sizing advice :)
  19. cloudylemonade

    Explaining the Aero Fit.

    We've noticed some confusion about how Aero's fit, and people questioning why they wouldn't always be the same size in each style, why a size 42" for example will vary so much depending on the style. We've put together a little guide to help with this, hopefully this will be of help to some...
  20. cloudylemonade

    Highwayman Virginian

    I'd say you've got this spot on, my father LOVES to tell a story and felt this version was the missing link in the chain of where we are with the Highwayman. I understand this, although a member of the Highwayman family, something very different for us at Aero. I'll be honest, when I saw it I...

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