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  1. Dan Allen

    Show Us Your Dark Side - Shadow and Silhouette Portraits

    The wife on a late evening outing out fishing me as she so often does
  2. Dan Allen

    The Sunday Drive

    The wife and I enjoy Sunday drives in the Western Ozarks in our Genesis coupe. m Not vintage but a relaxing day non the less.
  3. Dan Allen

    Hat color selection

    I am somewhat color blind so don't match colors well. When the wife is not around to "inspect" I grab an old clear belly fedora or a silver belly Resistol 100 fedora conversion. matches almost anything ( according to the inspector).
  4. Dan Allen

    Fedoras afield

    While trying out our "new to us" Genesis coupe we ended up on a multi day road trip. On Superbowl Sunday, While millions were getting ready to watch their gridiron heroes Sue and I were at Fort Sam Houston standing among one hundred and forty five thousand REAL heroes...my father included
  5. Dan Allen

    How do folks react to your hat wearing?

    At the very least you would likely be the best dressed in the jury pool.
  6. Dan Allen

    How do folks react to your hat wearing?

    I was called to jury duty last week , and was almost immediately dismissed. I had other business at the courthouse ( taxes among them ) and stopped and talked to some old friends . On the way down the stairs someone called and I turned to be joined by one of the defense lawyers who...
  7. Dan Allen

    Show Us Your Dark Side - Shadow and Silhouette Portraits

    was playing with the phone one evening waiting on my grandson when I shot this pic. Wife called it "parking lot noir"
  8. Dan Allen

    Here is why there are so many tiny and so few large vintage hats

    Just ran across the article mentioned if anyone would be interested in reading it https://www.warriorlodge.com/veterans/french-soldiers-view-us-soldiers-afghanistan/
  9. Dan Allen

    Here is why there are so many tiny and so few large vintage hats

    I find the comment about the WW2 soldiers being on the small side interesting. I read an article some time back written by a French journalists who spent time with a U.S. military unit in Iraq. He wrote that though he was above average height and weight for an average Frenchman he was...
  10. Dan Allen

    Does your hat size grow as you age?

    My hat size has stayed the same since the 50's while my brothers has gone up one size......guess he learned more in school.
  11. Dan Allen

    Anyone into tent camping?

    The wife , my self and our fishing buddy pack up and head to the Colorado San Juan mountains every fall to fish. We take an old "antique" sears J.C. Higgins canvas tent that I picked up for little to nothing years ago. We wouldn't go any other way. Nothing beats a good nigh sleep in a warm...
  12. Dan Allen

    Lawn care-oldschool reel mower, anyone?

    Back in the day when the family had one and It became my job I quickly learned that the key was to keep the cutting edges sharp and to never let the grass get ahead of you. With a sharp mower and only 1|2 inch or there about to cut I could get home from school and have most of it done by...
  13. Dan Allen

    Why American Workers Now Dress So Casually

    Fifty plus years ago when I was in high school, if three of us somehow got a hold of a single beer and we went to the lake and passed it around....we were living on the ragged edge as far as we were concerned. A much more innocent yet memorable time to to grow up.
  14. Dan Allen

    Why American Workers Now Dress So Casually

    While hoping to not step on too many toes I will add.....a substantial percentage of the students that I saw in various stages of undress were so overweight that they really need to readdress their clothing options.
  15. Dan Allen

    Why American Workers Now Dress So Casually

    I realize that this thread is about work but the other day I was on the local college campus and was more than a little appalled at the state of dress. When I was in school it was nice slacks and button up shirts with likely as not a sport coat thrown in...not shorts , mukluk boots and raggedy...
  16. Dan Allen

    The Fall of the Moustache

    I have kids in the mid forties who have never seen me without a mustache and I occasionally threaten to cut it off and move next door and defy them to find me. Like most things it has changed with the times , it is no longer dark brown but rather gray and regrettably I have more hair below my...
  17. Dan Allen

    Some children tried to steal my hat yesterday

    Years ago I had something similar happen. A couple of kids announced a desire to have my hat, then smiled and walked on looking over their shoulders at me as they left. Perhaps the Ben Hogan #1 driver I always used as a "walking stick" had something to do with it
  18. Dan Allen

    Northwest Hats, Eugene, Ore.

    I totally agree with Eric. I have one of Mike's granite grays in Beaver and it seems to go with most anything. I got it to go with brown and khaki but have since found that I needn't confine it to just that.
  19. Dan Allen

    Things I'll miss when retired

    Sadly I miss the 15 minute breaks and hour off for lunch....I seem to be working more since retiring. ( maybe that is really a good thing ).