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  1. TXFlyGuy

    B-3's / B-10's on Ebay?

    Can't help but notice the large number of these jackets for sale on Ebay. At crazy prices. Ranging from under $100 to around $200. They all look quite nice, and appear to be well made. There was a very positive review of one of the B-10's on this forum, purchased from Ebay. Are these jackets...
  2. TXFlyGuy

    Cockpit G-1, then and now.

    Just got this new Mil-Spec G-1, size 42R. It is larger through the waist than my first one, also a 42R. By about 2+ inches. I contacted Jacky, and she says their patterns have not changed. Whatever, it does not have the "glove like" fit that my previous G-1 had. Note the collar is a different...
  3. TXFlyGuy

    Batwing Sightings

    Please riddle me this, Batman - Exactly what is the root cause of "batwings" on G-1 jackets? Some jackets will lie perfectly flat in the back area, and others will "poof out". Is this from being too small in size? Or is it from the cut / sewing, and manufacture of the jacket? I'm certain...
  4. TXFlyGuy

    Measurements and fit detail.

    I'm probably late to the party, as certainly you FL frequent flyers already knew this. As the measurements were taken on all of my leather jackets, it was discovered that they really had little to do with quality of fit. Example, my G&B A-2, which fits nearly perfectly on my shoulders, and has...
  5. TXFlyGuy

    Hellcat G-1

    Looking at several bargain priced G-1's, and this jacket just popped up on the radar. The jacket is USA made, which is important to me (and my wife). Has anyone here ever had jackets from this manufacturer? I actually do not know who makes it, just that is is offered by both Legendary USA, and...
  6. TXFlyGuy

    Another A-2 (whos said 3 is enough?)

    Black by popular demand, just got this A-2 from Excelled. Great jacket, perfect fit in a 36R. A real bargain for those of you who are conscious about your bank account, and even for those who are unconscious. Of all my jackets, this is the best fit. Measurements: P-P = 22" Shoulder = 19.5"...
  7. TXFlyGuy

    Talon Zippers

    Is there something special, or unique about Talon? I own a very old (1966?) King Kole red and black plaid Sportsman's jacket. It has a Talon zipper, but a couple teeth are missing (like some people I know!). The jacket is in mint condition, wondering about putting in a replacement zipper.
  8. TXFlyGuy

    Excelled A-2 Jacket

    Here are a few photos of my Excelled A-2. I hand carried this jacket from Texas to The Netherlands (and back) so that artist Anneke Helleman could paint my wife onto the back side. She did a very nice job! And, a shout out to a few other artists...Sean Collins (P-51 patch), and Miroslav Sekulich...
  9. TXFlyGuy

    WOW!!! Cockpit Re-Issue A-2 Part 2 WOW!!!

    OK...all of you doubters gather round! Just got my Cockpit Reissue A-2 back from Don at Minsky's Tailor Shop. He worked a miracle on my jacket. Where the original shoulder measured 21", Don did exactly what I wanted and took it in to 19". Remember, this is a size 42R. It now fits perfectly. But...
  10. TXFlyGuy

    The Art of the Flight Jacket (my A-2, custom artwork)

    This turned out so nice! Anneke in The Netherlands did an awesome job with my wife, and my Mustang. I will fly to Amsterdam next Monday to get the jacket. I do not have any real photos yet, just what I got from Anneke's FB page. Here it is...
  11. TXFlyGuy

    American Flight Jackets by J. Conway & J. Maguire (Hardcover)

    Just found this book online. Has anyone read it? Is it a worthwhile purchase? A bit expensive at $69. https://www.amazon.com/American-Flight-Jackets-History-Flyers/dp/0764310658
  12. TXFlyGuy

    Thursday Boot Company - Full Review

    Just got these boots. They are awesome! The overall quality of construction, and the quality of the leather, is 1st Class! Best pair of boots I have ever had. They do require serious attention to break in. You need thick socks, and limit your wearing time until the leather softens a bit. The...
  13. TXFlyGuy

    Leather Cult

    Just wonder if anyone here has heard of this company? They actually custom fabricate leather jackets (and other items). I have been emailing them with questions, and they are responsive. But, it would appear that a classic A-2 or G-1 is not something they do on a daily basis. But tell them what...
  14. TXFlyGuy

    Thursday Boot Company

    I'm looking for a pair of good boots that would work for flight use. The plan is to wear these with my nomex flight suit while flying the Mustang. My issue is that my instep is high. Several pairs of boots from various manufacturers have been tried, but I could not get my foot into any of them...
  15. TXFlyGuy

    Excelled Coats on sale.

    Excelled G-1's and A-2's now on sale for an extra 30% off their already low prices. That means you can get a quality jacket, made in the USA, for close to $200, plus free shipping. www.leathercoatsetc.com
  16. TXFlyGuy

    Jacket (A-2, G-1) alterations?

    My new Cockpit Reissue A-2 is a great jacket, near perfect in every way except one...shoulder width. After some research, I have found a couple well respected tailors (leather) who claim that removing 1.5" to 2.0" from the shoulder is not a big deal. They also said it would cause the sleeve to...
  17. TXFlyGuy

    Minsky Tailor Shop - Dallas, TX

    OK...I am pretty sure someone here has had experience with Minsky. I just spoke with the tailor, and he said no big deal to take 1 1/2" out of my shoulder on my new A-2. The cost is about $65. Seems reasonable to me, plus I can drive the jacket to the shop. Any of you have feedback on Minsky? I...
  18. TXFlyGuy

    Reissue A-2, Cockpit USA

    Here is the down and dirty on a size 42R... Shoulder - 20" P to P - 23" Back - 25" Sleeve - 26" The leather aroma from this jacket is intoxicating, to say the least. Almost a classic WWII fit on my frame. Maybe an inch too much in the shoulder, but very doable. Great goatskin. Quality...
  19. TXFlyGuy

    US Bomber Jackets

    Just found this one...www.usbomberjackets.com A-2's starting at $175. Others at $215. They look pretty good on their website.
  20. TXFlyGuy

    NOS Vacuum Tubes - Made in USA

    Nearly 200 tubes, all made in the USA. Philco, RCA, GE, Sylvania, Tung-Sol, Raytheon, Zenith, just to name a few. No, I have not tested these. They were purchased in their entirety from an electronics dealer (The Tube Caddy, Gardena, CA) back in the 50's. In storage in the original container...

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