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  1. AlexB

    My grail jacket!? Aero Premier Highwayman tumbled brown FQHH

    The title says it all. Aero jacket #3 has just made it home and I’m more than satisfied with its outcome. For the first time I went through the highly recommended Thurston Bros fitting process (See discussion related to the fit jacket here) and included learnings from my other two jackets...
  2. AlexB

    New York City "pure & crafted" meetup

    Following the idea of the London Outerwear meetup, I thought we could set up something similar in New York City. It seems there are quite a few people from the wider area. I selected a little more broadly formulated title to include everyone who has a passion for something "well-made", being...
  3. AlexB

    My first „real“ Denim Jacket - Iron Heart Type III overdyed, 23oz

    For quite some time I was looking into alternatives to leather jackets. After being very happy with my higher quality jeans I started to look into denim jackets already back in Germany a year ago. Regularly I went to Burg & Schild in Berlin to try on jackets from Japan Blue, Pure Blue Japan...
  4. AlexB

    Shearling jacket YELLOW thoughts?

    While strolling through NYC I just saw this shearling jacket. Obviously a fashion piece, however still made from 100% sheep shearling. I think it’s inspired by the AN-J-4. Surprisingly, the fit is spot on. Never have this with stock jackets. Since owning multiple Aero jackets I am always...
  5. AlexB

    Aero Premier HWY - Guidance needed

    Hi everybody, Aero jacket #3 is in the making. I plan to add a civilian jacket to the family of motorcycle inspired jackets (Boardracer and Ridley). Together with Carrie I kicked off the process of getting a Premier Highwayman. Yesterday I received the fit jacket and would like to ask for your...
  6. AlexB

    Leather winter jacket - Classic Shearling Jacket vs. Shearling Lining

    Hi everybody, I am currently in the process of specifying Aero Jacket #3 with Carrie. Right now the weather is still beautiful and warm in NYC, but I want to plan ahead for the temperature drop in winter. My first thought was to go with a B-6 jacket in Seal. I like the trim fit and the thinner...
  7. AlexB

    My broken in leather jacket

    For me the best part of the high-quality leather jackets discussed and shown here in the Lounge, is their development and to see how they become more beautiful with every wear. There are many pictures of great examples in various individual threads and threads addressing great looking leather...
  8. AlexB

    Aero Perfection - my new Cordovan FQHH Ridley

    Hi everybody, after 48 Emails back and forth with Carrie (Thanks for her patience) I received my second Aero jacket yesterday after only 40 days of waiting. We started the process based on my 46 BR, which served as fit-jacket as the Ridley pattern is quite similar to the BR according to Carrie...
  9. AlexB

    Four month review - Aero Board Racer black FQHH or leather jacket romance

    Hi everybody, I used the days off, between Christmas and New Years to jot down some impressions and experiences with my Aero Board Racer that I ordered beginning of August via Gasoline Alley in Munich. I know that there are many threads addressing the J100 styled jackets around here, but...
  10. AlexB

    Aero Ridley - configuration advice and general guidance

    Hello everybody, I am about to order my second Aero Jacket. This time I would like to use Thurston-Bros as their service is well recommended here. For sure I want to keep my Boardracer (black FQHH), so I was looking for something to complement my wardrobe Not to replace my BR (is this already...
  11. AlexB

    My first real leather jacket - just got my FQHH Board Racer :)

    Hey guys, way faster than expected I got my Board Racer! I am still super excited and can't get my hands off the jacket...and the smell is also amazing :-) The build quality is really outstanding! Burkhard with the fitting and Moira with the making, both did a fanatstic job (from my...
  12. AlexB

    My first "real" leather jacket - where to put my money?

    Hi, my name is Alex, I am 30 yrs old from Berlin. This is my very first post in this forum, however I am reading posts here for quite some time. I hope I am not opening a new thread regarding a topic that has been discussed similarly before. I tried to search the entire forum before, I found...

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