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  1. dark wood

    Aero J-106 42 (44ish) black battered FQHH

    I ordered this custom J-106 thru Thurston Bros. last year and it took a while to get to me - received it a couple months ago. It was worn once so it’s basically new. I wanted it for motorcycling and the fit is a little too big for me for that purpose. I have other Aero OTR 42s that fit well. I...
  2. dark wood

    Aero J 106 size 42 (44ish)

    Aero J106 in battered black Horween fqhh. Basically new, need $950 via Venmo plus cost of fedex insured shipping. I ordered this back in August of 2020 from Thurston Bros and due to Covid and whatever else, it arrived just a few weeks ago. Everything on it is fantastic but its just a bit too big...
  3. dark wood

    Aero back length measurements?

    I’ve got 3 Aero motorcycle jackets. They all came through Thurston Bros and were listed with back lengths of 26.25 CR in cxl, 27 Sheene in Vicenza, 26 Ridley in Vic. But when i put a tape on them they are all, curiously, just about 25.5” from the hem at the bottom of the collar to the very...
  4. dark wood

    Goorin Bros. FLAT CAP XL

    Brand new, never worn. Excellent hat. Very close to other hats I have from GBs and never got around to returning last year. This is style is still on their current website. Half price + shipping: $59 USD via VENMO, sorry US only.
  5. dark wood

    Natural Horween CXL FQHH

    I’ve been obsessed with Aero natural cxl horsehide jackets. They look great when they’re new but I’d love to see some that are well worn. Anyone?

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