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  1. Pandemic

    Field Leathers MC-MLC Jacket

    WARNING: This may end-up another of my long, rambling posts. Apologies in advance - you have been warned! Pour yourself a drink. I sure have! BACKGROUND: OK, so there is some history here. I got my first cross-zip in the winter of 1988-89 - A black Perfecto knock-off made in Hong Kong. Out of...
  2. Pandemic

    My New JL

    Apologies in advance for a somewhat self-indulgent and rambling post talking about my new jacket. Backstory: About five years ago I bought a stock CXL Steer jacket. I wore it a lot and was happy with it. It was a little large in the chest (21"), the top pocket opening design (like a sport...
  3. Pandemic

    If you could only have THREE ...

    For those of us fighting to urge to collect a lot of cool jackets we will never get the chance to wear (jacket weather is very short in South East Texas!). If you were only going to have three styles of leather jacket in your wardrobe, what would they be? I am thinking: Cross-zip Cafe Racer...
  4. Pandemic

    Custom Simmons-Bilt Cross Zip fit- seeking opinions

    Hi all. I ordered a semi-custom S-B with my sleeve and body length measurements. My chest is an actual 38” (6’ tall) and they sent me a jacket tagged size 38 but it still seems very roomy. I emailed them 7 days ago but have not received a reply to that or any of the (polite) follow-ups I sent. I...
  5. Pandemic

    FS: Talon-era ‘vintage’ Filson #246 MTB duffel in Otter Green

    Forum members, feel free to PM me here for a better deal outside of eBay. Thanks for looking. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Filson-Vintage-Talon-246-Medium-Travel-Bag-MTB-Otter-Green-/254775240999?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  6. Pandemic

    Iron and Resin release new jackets

    I was following the spoilers and excited about this release as a budget third jacket purchase. Sadly, there are a couple of features that are deal-breakers for me but it’s still an interesting option in that price range. https://ironandresin.com/collections/lost-highway-collection
  7. Pandemic

    Leather choices ...

    I am trying to narrow down my choices for a first custom leather jacket. I am looking for a rich brown mid to heavy weight. Natural light isn't great outside right now (we are currently being battered by a tropical storm), but I took some pictures of my initial sortings. Top contenders...