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  1. Orgetorix

    On Ebay: 30s/40s DB Suit, 40-42 LONG

  2. Orgetorix

    HSM Archives - 150+ years of tailoring history

    Styleforum member jefferyd, who is a tailor and pattern maker currently working for Hart, Schaffner, and Marx, just posted a teaser of some amazing suits and garments from the HSM company archives. Some predate the company, which was founded in 1887. Hopefully more and better images are to come...
  3. Orgetorix

    On ebay: Deadstock 1939-union tag DB chalk stripe suit, 38-40

  4. Orgetorix

    On Ebay: 1940s gray pinstripe SB suit, 42-43R

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=261365038618&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT I'm happy to consider offers, especially from Loungers.
  5. Orgetorix

    Interest Check: Late '40s/Early '50s Bold Look blue DB suit, size 44

    A vintage store near me has this for sale. '49 union tag, Bold Look DB blue suit. I didn't get measurements, but the store has it tagged as a 44 with 36W pants, and that looked accurate to me. I saw one moth hole on the front of the jacket (pictured) and at least two on the pants. Willing to...
  6. Orgetorix

    WTB: Black grosgrain bow tie

    I need a black grosgrain bow tie, vintage or modern, doesn't matter. Adjustable or to fit a 16/16.5" neck. PM me if you have one available.
  7. Orgetorix

    '40s or '50s Black/Gray Whippet-ish Disney (?) Fedora, 7 1/2

    Lovely black fedora, '40s or '50s by the proportions. Comes in a Disney box; I'm not sure if the hat itself is a Disney or not - all the liner says is "Premier" and "High Quality." In any case, it's a very nice hat with smooth, high-quality felt. It's black (or possibly a very, very dark gray)...
  8. Orgetorix

    '40s(?)/'40s-style Brooks Brothers tan fedora, size 7 1/2

    I don't know how old this one is; no way to date it. The proportions seem pretty spot on for the '40s, though, with the tall crown and wide brim. In any event, it's a nice hat, and you don't come across too many Brooks Brothers hats out there. This one is unique with the leather "ribbon"...
  9. Orgetorix

    FREE HAT! '50s gray Ken Kobb back-bow fedora

    This hat has some moth issues - lots of moth nibbles, which you can see in the photos. None go all the way through. Tagged 7 1/2 and fits true to size. I'm not gonna do a circumference measurement because I hate doing them and you're getting a hat for free, so you have no room to complain...
  10. Orgetorix

    New shoes and boots - Wolverine, Grenson, Loake

    New in box Wolverine 1000 Mile black cap toe boots. 8 eyelets, commando soles. Never worn. Tagged size is 7D. Retail is around $350, asking $150 shipped in the CONUS. Will ship elsewhere. PLEASE NOTE: I will be out of town August 2-17. If we do a deal during that time, I'll ship them out...
  11. Orgetorix

    Tan Milan straw fedora, puggaree band, 7 1/2 or 7 5/8

    Tan Milan straw fedora with a calico puggaree band. Excellent condition; no flaws. Crown is 5 1/4" tall; brim is 2" wide.Tagged size is 7 5/8. Inside circumference measures 23 1/4" and could likely stretch back out some.$100 OBO, including shipping in the CONUS. Will ship elsewhere, too.
  12. Orgetorix

    Stetson 3X Open Road, 7 1/2

    Stetson Open Road, 3X Quality. Silverbelly color. Very good condition - couple of spots of dirt that should brush out easily, but no moth damage or other major flaws at all. Tagged size is 7 1/2; fits true to size. Crown is 6" unbashed; brim is 3" wide; inside circumference 23" Comes with...
  13. Orgetorix

    Brown Knox Twenty, 7 1/4 Long Oval, with box

    Lovely Knox Twenty, deep chocolate brown with a Cavanagh edge and a steely gray-brown wide ribbon. Not sure how old; probably '50s? Very good condition; only one small, shallow moth nibble on the top of the crown. Original box included. Brim is 2 3/8" wide; crown about 5 1/2" open; ribbon is...
  14. Orgetorix

    M1943 Officer's Coat (?)

    I picked this up on Ebay last week. Vintage Brooks Brothers coat, and I'm told it is an M1943 Army officers' coat. Can anyone confirm this and/or provide more info? When was this pattern in use? Am I right that Army Air Force officers would have worn this?
  15. Orgetorix

    On Ebay: 1941 Hickey Freeman DB Navy suit, 42-44

    Check out my item on Ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=261179390639
  16. Orgetorix

    WTB: Summer-weight newsboy/ivy/driver/flat cap, small size

    My dad wears a 6 7/8 or 7 hat, and he's looking for a summer-weight (cotton or linen) newsboy/flat cap. If you have one to sell, please let me know. It doesn't have to be vintage; modern is fine.
  17. Orgetorix

    Interest check: Early '30s NRA-label tux 38R, 1943 Navy captain's uniform 39-40L

    Hey all, A shop near me has a couple interesting items for sale, and I thought I'd check and see if anyone was interested. Both are $80 in the shop, and I'd ask $30 additional to cover shipping and just a few bucks for my time and gas money. If you're outside the US, I can still ship to you...
  18. Orgetorix

    Large-Scale Black & White Plaid Flannel Trousers, 35x31 (Perfect for stroller!)

    If you've ever wanted to put together a stroller outfit - that is, semi-formal day wear, the daytime equivalent of the tuxedo - these would be perfect for it. Just add a black jacket and vest. They're a black and white plaid that is quite large in scale, which makes them both interesting and...
  19. Orgetorix

    1950s Tweed Sportcoat

    This tweed is really nice. There's no maker's tag, but it's a hearty, hefty brown broken-bone (alternating herringbone/birdseye) pattern wool tweed. Three patch pockets make it really unusual and interesting. Three buttons, rolled to the second. Based on the styling and the union tag, I'd...
  20. Orgetorix

    Stetson 3X Open Road, 7 1/2

    This is a nice, classic Stetson Open Road, size 7 1/2, silverbelly color. It's in fairly good condition overall; it's just had a naptha bath and is nice and clean. There are a number of moth nibbles; most are pretty small, and shallow; none go all the way through. I've shown pictures of all of...