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  1. humanshoes


    Vintage Franklin hot foil imprinter with 36pt (on 18pt body) Bel Air monogram set. It comes with 2 single line type holders for 18pt type. I've used this machine to customize my sweatbands since I first started making hats and it's never let me down. Price is $450 plus the actual cost of...
  2. humanshoes

    Pizza Oven Hack for Weber Kettle

    I bring you this thread in the spirit of good old fashioned ingenuity and self-sufficiency. I think I could probably live on wood-fired pizza; breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We have a few really good joints here in K-Town that make excellent pizza in wood-fired brick ovens, but I'm too lazy and...
  3. humanshoes


    I do love the good old fashioned barter system so why not try it here. I'm looking for a 7 3/4 #52 hat crown block in 6" height. In return I will make you a new 7" capacity oak and brass hat rounding jack.
  4. humanshoes

    WTB: Schiff 7/8" Beige Cotton/Rayon Grosgrain Ribbon

    Does anyone out there have an extra roll of the Schiff 7/8" beige cotton/rayon grosgrain ribbon that you'd be interested in parting with. If not a whole roll then maybe you'd be willing to part with a few yards. I'd be willing to purchase outright or trade for other colors of Schiff ribbon that...
  5. humanshoes

    Stetson 5X Long Hair-Gray 7 1/2

    For sale is this beautiful size 7 1/2 gray Stetson 5X long hair western hat. I, of course, couldn't resist buying it when I saw it, but I'll never wear it so here it is for your consideration. The price is $150.00 plus $13.60 shipping in the CONUS.
  6. humanshoes

    WTB - Wooden Hat Block - 7 3/4 #52

    I'm searching for a 7 3/4 #52 wood hat block. 5 3/4" high is preferable.
  7. humanshoes

    Phoenix Hat Company Video

    I've been reluctant to post this video from the local news station for the simple fact that I either misspoke (I was nervous after all) or was misquoted on the number of hat makers in this country. The beautiful Emily said that I said there are 10, however, I can think of at least 20 off the...
  8. humanshoes

    Oak Hat Rounding Jack

    FOR SALE: Oak and brass hat rounding jack. Uses standard utility knife blades and will trim out to just over 5 inches. Nothing too fancy here folks, just a solid tool that should give a lifetime of service. I have five rounding jacks ready to go at this time with each jack priced at $150.00...
  9. humanshoes

    Stetson Stratoliner Hat Box

    Got the hat? Get the box. http://www.ebay.com/itm/151566584594?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  10. humanshoes

    Vintage Dobbs Fifth Avenue Size 7

    Thought I'd offer up this beautiful old Dobbs Fifth Avenue fedora here on the lounge before sending it off to the bay. I found this fine specimen in a basement where it was tucked away inside a box of ladies hats. Too cruel a fate for this or any good hat. Now, I'm getting pretty tired of...
  11. humanshoes

    Oak Rounding Jack/Brim Cutter

    Oak rounding jack/brim cutter. I set out to develop an affordable, durable jack with adjustable blade depth that uses standard utility knife blades and this is the first off the bench. It has an effective cutting width of just over 5 inches. The price is $140 with free shipping to fellow...
  12. humanshoes

    Mallory Fifth Avenue 7 1/4 Stingy Brim

    This Mallory came with a lot of three hats that a young man retrieved from his grandfather's closet after his passing. He said this was his grandpa's "go to the office" hat. At 7 1/4, this one is a tad too small for me and the stingy brim does not suit me at all. My color deficient vision...
  13. humanshoes

    Borsalino Fedora 7 5/8 Felted Edge

    Rescued from the corner of a dusty antique shop here in Knoxville, TN I have this beautiful Borsalino fedora in Lino (linen) biege color with midbrown hatband and wind/trolley cord. It has the cavanaugh style edge and looks as though it was seldom worn, if at all. The brim is approx. 2 1/2" and...
  14. humanshoes

    WTB: 7 3/8 #52 Hat Block

    I'm looking for a 7 3/8 #52 wooden hat crown block in 5 3/4" to 6" height. It can be regular or long oval. I will be happy to purchase outright or trade for handmade hatter's tools.
  15. humanshoes

    Valerie Modes Women's Hat

    Okay, I know little to nothing about women's hats, but I believe this one to be a vintage beauty. Union made Peachbloom Velour Merrimac body made of imported fur. Excellent original condition with no mothing or defects that I can see. Size large with internal circumference of approximately 22...
  16. humanshoes

    Oak & Antler Foot Tolliker

    Sold: Oak and antler foot tolliker with hand rubbed finish. 5" long by 2 1/2" tall. I made a few of these for my personal use and don't need the extras. $60.00 plus $4.95 shipping anywhere in the continental US. Please PM me if you'd like one.
  17. humanshoes

    WTB: 7 3/8 Brown Open Road or Stratoliner Hat

    I'm looking to round out my lineup with a brown open road or stratoliner fedora. All makers of open road/stratoliner styles considered, Stetson prefered.