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    EXTREMELY RARE! UNWORN Vintage Sawyer of Napa, California Shearing Coat. c.40L

    You will not regret the purchase, the quality of the jacket and the description by tweedydon is fantastic. I also have a sawyer by napa shearling jacket, till today its in very good condition, my jacket is like 40 years old!
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    FS: Lee, Polo RL & Levi's denim trucker jackets

    Hi Ivan, Thank you very much, I just received the jackets in good order. The outer cardboard layer was well secured with many layers of sticky tape. When I received the package, the outer layer was partially soaked, luckily you have an additional plastic wrapper inside, this kept the jackets...
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    Orvis Half-Belt Tweed Shooting Jacket. Made in USA. C. 44.

    Always like to read your postings, very informative, descriptive and a mini history lesson. Thanks.
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    FS: Aero AN-J-4

    Wow, very nice, a really beautiful jacket.
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    BEAUTIFUL Aero Leather 1950s Half-Belt jacket in Teacore Horsehide! c. 40.

    It's very sad that tweedydon sold the jacket at a very good price to loungers, the buyer is trying to profit by flipping the jacket.
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    GORGEOUS Aero Highwayman in FQHH with Shearling Lining and Detachable Mouton Collar! c.38 - 42.

    A truly beautiful jacket. Wish I lived in a cooler place. Good luck on the sale.
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    FS As new Eastman Leather B3

    Beautiful jacket, good luck on the sale! A bump for my friend.
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    Bates CR in Tan color

    Wow, Regius, if I had to deal with sales staff like that, I would have pulled out all my hair! My sympathies to you.
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    FS: M-Tech blue leather trucker styled MC jacket, sz. M

    Tweedydon, please be careful what you say, something may come out and bite you. Hehe. I really like this jacket, but it’s a bit small, I think I can just about squeeze in, but my tummy may prevent me from zipping up.
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    Thank you, will put you on my look at list. Best regards, Tiny
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    Fantastic! When the items are good, there will be no shortage of takers. I was very tempted myself. By the way, will you consider international shipping, as I live outside the USA? I see you regularly list many nice items and I am sometimes tempted to make an offer.
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    Very nice, understated, simple cut and design, chain stitching, selvedge edges what more do you need. Looks like Gustin jeans! Good luck on the sale.
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    FS: M-Tech blue leather trucker styled MC jacket, sz. M

    A real beauty, You don’t see many if any jacket like this, the workmanship is very good, the colour to me looks like a baby blue. A real unique jacket, I really like the design, a motorcycle denim jacket made of leather, with all the extra features for cooler weather riding. The snaps are...
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    Vanson Star Jacket size 40 300 shipped

    Hi Strokes, Just to let you know that this afternoon, I received your jacket in good order. The jacket is very nice. The condition of the jacket is extremely good, as described brand new condition. Very fancy. It's a very short jacket, it ends about 2 inches above my hip bone. It's also a very...
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    Super Spring Leather Sale: Aero Buco j-100, The Flat Head, Vanson and more!

    Wow! Very nice, I envy your collection. The Golden Bear is a beautiful colour.
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    Himelbros 2tone Avro sz.44

    Wow, a real beauty, very nice combination of colours. I am so envious! Good luck on the sale.
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    Aero Maxwell size 40

    Thank you sir jacket, first Father of the maxwell, thank you for taking such good care of it and helping in breaking in the jacket, its proudly added to my collection. Regards, tiny
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    Aero Maxwell size 40

    Thank you VR, received the jacket in good order, well packed in a large flat box. Jacket as described, very clean, plus nice and soft broken in feel. Brown undertones are starting to show in the flex areas of the arms. For me to get a jacket to this stage, I will have to spend 5 years of my life...
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    Aero Long Half Belt 36/38 FQHH

    Very nice jacket, at a very reasonable price, surprised that it is still on sale. Based on measurements, it appears to be more size 38 or a 40 short. Good luck on the sale.
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    FS: NEW Aero Hercules CXL Steerhide Brown - Shearling Lined / Alpaca

    I am very sorry to hear about your fall and injuring your back. I wish you a speedy recovery. You have very good taste in jackets. A truly beautiful jacket. A pity you are considering giving it up. Good luck and a speedy recovery.

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