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    The Flat Head Del Raiser, size 44 (fits 42)

    Dang it Michael! OK, fine. I should have known it wouldn't last. Glad you sold this quickly. @Despot - "If you’re a typical 42 (drop 6 - so a 36 inch waist)" - How did I never know this equation?! Awesome.
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    The Flat Head Del Raiser, size 44 (fits 42)

    I could possibly be interested in this. Was just looking at these a few days after essentially giving up on procuring a J24L. Can you add any fit pics? I'm a little concerned about the shoulders and what some of you are saying about "slim", though I believe it would fit me well, the consensus...
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    FS The Real McCoys J24L - 38 -SOLD

    I wish this was a 42 or 44! J24-L's don't come around very often, I expect this to move quickly.
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    WTB Ship John Wills size Large

    Duuude one just sold on eBay first week of May for $758. https://www.ebay.com/itm/224956871039
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    FS: Aero Leather Ridley jacket with factory customizations. Size 40

    This jacket was absolute fire. I didn't see shoulder measurements, but this is such a great piece, kind of shocked you wanted to sell it. The customization you did was great. We're the same height and weight so I'm kicking myself for missing this.
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    Iron Heart Japanese HH Rider (L) fits like 42

    1.) I love IH's gear. 2.) you look like a total bad ass in that jacket. Shocked you're getting rid of it. You could probably show up to any pub and people would be like "whoa, I'm not messing with this guy" 3.) Great to see gusseting in the back, but does it work? For those of us that ride...
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    Scam Alert

    Being someone that's new here, eventually I'll purchase (maybe even sell) and I'd hate to be lumped into the category of "well, you're new, so I'm not doing business with you" It seems that verification is always a necessary first step. For instance, I've found instagram + linkedin is usually...
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    WTB: The Real Mccoys Buco J-24L sz 46 or 44

    Same, I'm looking for the J24L size 44 as well.

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