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    U.S. 1 Leathers

    Hey all. I just stumbled across a leather company based out of MA that I never heard of before, U.S. 1 Leathers. I couldn't find any info on here either. According to their website, they offer 4 1/2 to 5 oz thick steerhide as well as cowhide and horsehide. They also do custom work. Apparently...
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    LW Suburban 42 Russet

    Hi gents! Up for sale is a Lost World’s Suburban in heavy Russet, size 42. I bought it used awhile ago and am now finally getting around to selling it since it never fit quite right on me. It’s spent about 99% of its time with me in the closet. No rips or tears and zippers work good. There are...
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    The Hunt for the Least Restrictive Leather Jacket

    Hey guys. I currently have both a custom Aero Half-belt and a Lost Worlds Suburban, both heavy FQHH. Due to the feeling that the jackets, especially the Aero, are restricting me, I never wear them. Simply driving in the Aero can be a chore. I’m looking to sell the Suburban . As a result, I’ve...
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    Full grain leather?

    Hi all. I'm curious to see your opinions on this leather jacket. Roundtree & Yorke "100% genuine leather" Given the variations in the leather, could this possibly be full grain? Thoughts appreciated. Thanks!