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  1. AerGuitar

    Aero Highwayman Black CXL FQHH tag size 36(40)

    Offering my Aero Highwayman for sale. Tag size is 36, but due to the known generous cut of this design, it fits like a comfortable size 40. This is CXL Horsehide in black. I purchased it new from Thurston Bros in March of 2021 and have worn it in rotation with my other 2 main jackets. It is just...
  2. AerGuitar

    WTB: natural CXL Sheene or Seven

    This is most likely a shot in the dark, but I would love to find a natural CXL Sheene size 38 or 40, or a Seven in size 42. If anyone has one they don’t wear often, let me know and you can have my money!
  3. AerGuitar

    Aero Board Racer BB Vicenza size 38

    Listing my Aero BR in blackened brown Vicenza. Cumming Hunting Ancient lightweight wool liner. It’s a size 38, only reason for selling is that I’ve replaced it with a size 40. This particular batch of BB Vicenza is showing lots of teacore, and has a slightly more overall brown hue than the other...
  4. AerGuitar

    FS: Aero Board Racer russet Badalassi tag size 36

    I’m somewhat regretfully offering my beloved Badalassi BR for sale. I love everything about this one, except for the fact that I’ve always wanted another inch in the sleeves, and have a little more room for warm clothes underneath. This was a custom order that I received in Jan 2020. Russet in...
  5. AerGuitar

    The Flat Head Selvedge jeans 31 slim taper

    Offering these Flat head jeans that are a bit too snug for me. Tag size 31x36, but actual size is 32x32. I’m not sure on the weight of these, but they were made for Self Edge and model number is SExFH05. These are a slim taper. Not quite a skinny. Thigh is about 9” across. I picked them...
  6. AerGuitar

    Vintage 30s/40s Horsehide Halfbelt

    Very old halfbelt here. I’m unsure of the maker on this one. I’ve seen similar for sale from the same era, but were also missing their labels. When I got it, there were patches on the shoulders from apparent hanger burn. I had my local leather alterations shop make a new yoke for it when they...
  7. AerGuitar

    Aero Premier Highwayman 38 BB Vicenza

    I’m regretfully offering up my like new PHWM. I knew that I should be a size 40 in this cut based on everything I’d read on here, but I went for this as a fit jacket from TB, as this is my preferred Board Racer size. This jacket is so gorgeous, I simply couldn’t send it back, and thought maybe...
  8. AerGuitar

    No Brand leather jackets from Japan

    Does anyone have any experience with these horsehide jackets being offered from sellers in Japan on eBay? They all seem to be in the $400-$500 range, and look really nice at first glance. I can’t imagine they are being made with Shinki or the like at that price. I wonder if they’re actually...
  9. AerGuitar

    Aero Steerhide jacket model help

    I’m sure someone here can identify this model Aero.. I can not. Leather is very thick, and amazing. Jacket cut is pretty short. Any help appreciated! this is my first attempt at a thread, hopefully my images show up, or I’ll look the right idiot :)