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  1. Sabir Asaria

    Regular CXL HH Vs CXL FQHH

    I have always wondered about what is the difference between regular CXL HH and Front Quarter CXL HH. As per Aero, Chromexcel Heavy Front Quarter Horsehide is available exclusively from them and no other jacket manufacturer. I have seen other manufacturers (Simmons Bilt & Johnson Leather to name...
  2. Sabir Asaria

    FS: Serengeti Sortie Aviator Sunglasses

    Hi all, Have for sale here an absolutely unused pair of Serengeti Sortie sunglasses. The frame is Titanium and the Lenses are Photochromic. Unfortunately the style did not work out for me, so passing theses on. Some additional details: Base Curve: 6 Rx, Temple Length: 138mm, Lens Size: 52 x...
  3. Sabir Asaria

    FS: The Flat Head Single Riders Jacket

    Greetings All! :) As posted in my introductory thread in the Outerwear forum (New here... but feels like home | The Fedora Lounge), I’m forced to put this gorgeous The Flat Head Single Riders Jacket for sale as it is unfortunately one size too small for me. Following are the dimensions: Label...
  4. Sabir Asaria

    New here... but feels like home

    Greetings all! :) This is my first post here however, I have been a lurker for well over 2 years. My tryst with TFL started with my quest to acquire my first ‘real’ leather jacket. I had decided on going with Aero prior to lurking on here as they were regarded as pretty much the gold standard...