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  1. handymike

    What is the best dye?

    Hey Everyone, I often refresh my wardrobe by re-dyeing my clothes. I tend to use a lot of Olive and Navy Blue, but I’m noticing that the dye job is tending to be not as color-fast or as covering as I want. I’ve been using Dylon powder as the Rit I tried was even more transparent. Things like...
  2. handymike

    FS- Vintage Sears Hercules/Appalachian Long Half-Belt

    Offered for sale is my Sears Hercules/ Appalachian Long Half Belt (surcoat) made of Horsehide. The jacket was fully re-lined by Johnson Leathers. Alan also added an inside pocket in the lining. Talon main zip and Conmar diamond chest zipper. Fits like a size 38 or maybe a larger 36 depending...
  3. handymike

    “Bones” Racing Jackets

    I am in Winslow AZ, and I came across an original “Bones” racing suit (jacket and pants). I am told this one is by ABC Leathers out of Southern California, and it pre-dates the Bates version. I got into a long conversation with the owner about the story behind the Bates/ Vanson battle and...
  4. handymike

    Resurfacing leather

    I am thinking of trying to fix my sofa cushions, but the same principles and processes could potentially be used to repair and restore a leather jacket. Here’s the situation, we bought an expensive leather sofa from Crate and Barrel a couple of years back. We were told that although the hide...
  5. handymike

    FS- Wolverine 1000 mile Austen Lace-up Boots size 9d

    Offered for sale are these limited edition black Austen boots by Wolverine. -Handcrafted in the USA -Made from Black Horween Predator leather. -Goodyear welt construction -leather outsole with Vibram heels and 1/2 sole. -7.5 in shaft height -Round toe These boots pair extremely well...
  6. handymike

    FS- Red Wing 9010 Featherstone Beckman Moc Toe hand-dyed Cordovan Boots (sz 9.5 D)

    Offered for sale are my Redwing Beckman Moc Toe boots. Labeled size 9.5 D US They started their life as Black Cherry, but I've dyed them down to a beautiful rich Cordovan color to match my Goodwear jacket. They have a full Vibram lug sole instead of the regular Redwing 1/2 sole, and...
  7. handymike

    Interest check- Vintage Brooks Cafe Racer in British Racing Green sz38

    I might totally regret this, but I’m wondering if anyone would be interested in my BRG Brooks. Measurements: pit to pit- 20.5 in. / 52.07 cm. taper at hips- 18.5 in. / 47 cm. bottom hem- 19.5 in. / 49.53 cm. shoulders- 17.75 in. / 45.085 cm. sleeve- 25 in. / 63.5 cm. (straight)..... 26 in. /...
  8. handymike

    FS- Aero Premier Highwayman Black FQHH CXL size 38

    I'm really torn on this one, so I'm offering this jacket for sale or trade. Aero Premier Highwayman made of black CXL Front Quarter Horsehide with wool tartan lining: Size 38. Measurements (approx.): pit to pit: 21 in / 53.34 cm shoulders: 17.5 in / 44.45 cm back length: 24.5 in / 62.23 cm...
  9. handymike

    FS- Vintage 60s Bates with the "ULTIMATE" collar sz 42 (fits 40-42)

    Up for grabs is my dark brown vintage 60s Bates Leather Mates- tagged 42, but it fits more like a 40-42. Believe me when I say that if it wasn’t too big, I would never put it on the market. Fit recommendation: I believe this jacket would be best for someone 5’10 and taller, with an...
  10. handymike

    FS- Iconic 40s/50s Windward Horsehide Jacket (fits 38-40)

    SOLD FS: Iconic Vintage 40s/50s Montgomery/Windward Horsehide Jacket (fits size 38-40) Offered for sale is my Vintage Windward made of brown Horsehide with black silk lining: Size 38-40. Measurements (approx.): pit to pit: 21.75 in / 55.245 cm shoulders: 18 in / 45.72 cm back length: 23.5...
  11. handymike

    Cleaning suede boots

    Hello everyone, I just received a pair of gently used suede boots that have a few dark smudges on the toe. Is there a way to clean and spruce them up a bit, or am I stuck? Thanks for the advice!
  12. handymike

    WTB: Vintage 17.5mm Beads of Rice watch bracelet or similar

    I have a vintage 1960s watch, and I’d like to find a vintage bracelet for it. I’m thinking a Beads of Rice style would look nice, but I’m open to alternatives. 17.5mm ends, stainless steel (brushed or polished). Thanks. Here is the watch:
  13. handymike

    Free Moto Pins

    I got a jacket with 3 pins recently, and I don’t need them. Holler if you want ‘em...you only pay postage...
  14. handymike

    Washing my old cowhide jacket

    Help please...I don’t want to f*** this up! If I soak my jacket in the tub with cold water and Woolite Dark, will it be ok? What about the satin (?) liner. I know drying is the part I need to be concerned about, but I plan on leaving it in the tub on a towel. I know I should keep it out of the...
  15. handymike

    Want to Trade- 70s Bates 42 for size 40

    If you have one of these beautiful jackets in a Size 40 (you know, the one with the insanely amazing collar) and you need a touch more room, please let me know! I just got a size 42 in dark brown and it fits like a typical 40, but I think I could use a little less space in the shoulders due to...
  16. handymike

    FS: 2007 Omega Railmaster Aqua Terra watch 36mm

    Offered for sale is my 36mm Omega Railmaster. The serial number dates it to 2007. The original bracelet is currently sized to my 6.75in. wrist, and an extra link is included. Please ask any questions by PM or "start a conversation". Please title it OMEGA. Asking $3500 OBO I...
  17. handymike

    Vintage Elk Jackets

    Does anyone have a vintage Elk jacket? I’m very interested in vintage custom jackets made by small American tanneries in the 40s and 50s. Please post any jackets that you find, describe how they’ve aged, and any unique characteristics they might have. Here’s one on ebay that would be mine if it...
  18. handymike

    OOOPS! (a gallery of jackets that weren't right)

    As suggested in another thread, here is a gallery of mistakes! (just for fun) I'll start. Aero 30s half-belt I was so happy to win my first Aero on ebay! This was before Carrie had started showing us what a good fit looked like. It was a 42, and now I wear a premium fit 38.....Ooops! :oops:
  19. handymike

    "GRAIL" Jackets

    This is the jacket that began my journey back in 2011: I knew this would be the "one and only" jacket for me... I contacted John at Goodwear, and he agreed to make me the jacket. It arrived a couple years later, and I still love it today. Case closed- right?!? We all know the answer to...
  20. handymike

    Face Masks And other DIY projects

    These things are impossible to find these days, but contrary to early news reporting face masks DO help against contracting Covid-19. Designer face masks might just be the hottest new Outerwear item for Spring 2020. My wife has found a link for making them yourself...