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  1. Don Tomaso

    Aero Teamster in Oil Pull Horsehide

    Dear all, as written here http://www.thefedoralounge.com/showthread.php?78406-Alexander-Leathers-Roadster-Planning&p=1895805#post1895805, I ordered an Aero Teamster in Oil Pull HH in December, the jacket arrived yesterday. Pics are still to be made, the jacket is very nice and much lighter...
  2. Don Tomaso

    Alexander Leathers Roadster Planning

    Hi all, I'm seriously tempted to order a new jacket from AL. It will be - most likely - the "Roadster", I like the classic looks of it. I'm not so sure, however, about the leather. First I was most taken with the "Horween Steer Havanna", but I'm a bit unsure, as I already have a jacket in brown...
  3. Don Tomaso

    What is the consensus here regarding Sendra-boots?

    Hi folks, I recently spotted a nice pair of round-toe block-heel non-laced mid-high boots in a local store specialized in - for the want of a better word - "cowboy"-stuff. They also sell leather-jackets and jeans, which are not that stellar, but the boots looked very nice indeed. Full...
  4. Don Tomaso

    Black Sheep Sweater just arrived

    I post this in the "Outerwear"-section, as you don't need a jacket with these sweaters ;). Seriously, I'm very pleased with what I got from Black Sheep Ltd. It took a while for delivery, a bit of a mess with a delivery from their supplier, but all this was forgotten once I had the sweater. It is...
  5. Don Tomaso

    Shoulder width of a leather-jacket

    Hi folks, browsing through pics here on TFL and regarding the fit of my own LHB. Very often I see the seams at the shoulders sag quite a bit because apparently the width of the shoulders is too wide. Let me give you an example: As you can see, the shoulders are well within the the...
  6. Don Tomaso

    Is the Aero 40th Halfbelt no longer available?

    Hi folks, when recently visiting the Aero-homepage, I couldn't find the "Pioneer" aka 40th Halfbelt no more. Is production over? No more Kudu roaming the Savanna in Africa?:D
  7. Don Tomaso

    My LHB will be travelling next week :-)

    Hi folks, most of the time I'm just following the threads, in particular about Aeroleather. I learned a lot from that and now I received a message from Amanda: The LHB I ordered in Ferbruary will be shipped next week! It is in FQHH, brown, with an uni lining. Can't wait! Pics when it's here...