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    Replacement zips for Irvin jacket

    I have an original Coastal Command Irvin jacket that needs all three zips. I don't need to fins original zips for it, but I'd like it to be as authentic as is reasonably possible. Does anyone know where I can buy 'close enough' replacement zips? I live in the U.S.
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    Vintage airplanes

    I saw this nice '50s-vintage Cessna 170 at a fly-in a couple of months ago. Absolutely beautiful! There was also a 1968 Cessna 172K there that had been restored. I got a snap of the cockpit.
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    I'm still logged on

    I haven't been here in quite a long time. Last Autumn I was getting a new Irvin jacket, yakkin' about planes, and so forth. Then the ex-fiancée moved in and my schedule changed. Busy at work, busy at school, and day-to-day life just filled up my time. Today I thought it was time I stopped...
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    How much is a 12 O'Clock High toby mug worth?

    I have two 'Robin Hood' toby mugs as used in 12 O'Clock High. I bought them when they were first released... in the late-'80s? One is numbered and I have it packed away, and the other one is unnumbered and is in my kitchen. They're not for sale, but I'd really like to know what they're...
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    First snow of the season

    Four inches of powder fell overnight, here at sea level. The Jeep is broomed off and is warming up. The Prius isn't going anywhere.
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    The vintage sounds of Karl Zéro

    The X-Files episode 'Improbable' (the one with Burt Reynolds) featured a soundtrack from Karl Zéro's Music For Cabriolets And Otros Tipos De Vehiculos. I was hooked. You can read the linked review, but basically it's c.1960 Cha-Cha music -- with a wacky French twist. Sadly, the CD is OOP --...
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    Restore, or don't restore?

    You get an original WWII flying jacket. You get to choose which kind: Irvin? B-3? A2? G1? Your choice. The zip(s) are broken, the leather is dry, but otherwise there are no tears. Do you keep it in your collection as-is? Or do you repair it so you can wear it?
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    'Irvine' jackets?

    I'm reading Piece Of Cake, and Robinson refers to the RAF jackets as 'Irvine' jackets. Is this a misunderstanding on the author's part? Or is there a reason he's calling them 'Irvines' instead of 'Irvins'?
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    Current issue RAF Mk.3 Cold Weather Flying Jacket

    Do any UK Loungers have a line on a new RAF Mk.3 Cold Weather Flying Jacket? I wear a size X-Large (46-48) in a CWU-45/P (U.S. flight jacket), though I'm working toward a Large.
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    Vintage Grumman Wildcat for sale

    Needs a little work. What I want to know is, why can't I find stuff like that?
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    How do I find a leather tailor?

    I'm posting here because this is the forum with the Irvin threads and I don't think a flying helmet really belongs in Hats. I have an original RAF Type B flying helmet. I think it would be fun to have a replica I wouldn't mind wearing (perhaps with modern earphones). How would I go about...
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    Anyone remember Kelbo's?

    I'm doing some housecleaning, and I found an unused matchbook from Kelbo's. I used to go to the Pico location in the late-'80s or thereabouts. At the time it was well past its prime. Very tacky. Loved it. (That's not the matchbook I found. Just an image I found on the 'net.)