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  1. moustache

    What Are You Reading

    Threads by Joseph Abboud.
  2. moustache

    Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds

    I hope to see this soon. Looks interesting. Not generally a Brad Pitt or Tarentino fan but I will give it a shot. Jim
  3. moustache

    Show Us Your Tattoos

    Ok, so mine are quite boring to most but I sure like them. As I'm a dedicated runner, this is my Pheidippides(pardon the hairy legs but thats genetics for you): He goes along with me on every run and marathon and never argues! And this is my segno: Thus showing my main...
  4. moustache

    My first half marathon(in mileage that is)

    It has been awhile since my last post. I have been quite involved with running and don't have as much online time. I hope to get back here this winter for more posting. Wednesday was my birthday and so I took a rest day off to ponder Veteran's Day and give thanks to those vets who have...
  5. moustache

    The Moustache

    I love my handlebar!!! Jim
  6. moustache

    What pens are we carrying today?

    Here are a couple of my twins today: Omas #1 and #2 Jim
  7. moustache


    I finally got to dig out the Borsalino Homburg and don it for a cold day. Jim
  8. moustache

    Pictures of my Stetson Sovereign Homburg

    Very nice indeed!!! Jim
  9. moustache

    What Hat Are You Wearing Today 1?

    Today it was my Borsalino light tan with brown sportcoat. Jim
  10. moustache

    Shirt Sleeve Garters

    I second that. I just bought a pair at Helmer's today and they are a great buy for the price. $14.99 My pals and i have called them "sleeve slinkys" as they are metal and look like a small slinky. They are easy to wear and not at all uncomfortable.Sure a lot better than having your sleeves pop...
  11. moustache

    Christy's Homburg - should I?

    I own a Borsalino Homburg and while I don't wear it but 10-20 times a year,I would never part with it. They are great with a suit or dress coat. Jim
  12. moustache

    What pens are we carrying today?

    Montegrappa Cortina and Conklin Glider in tobacco. Jim
  13. moustache

    What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Just saw "Quantum of Solace". Very enjoyable.Not as good as Craig's "Casino Royale" but still good. Jim
  14. moustache

    What Hat Are You Wearing Today 1?

    My grey Borsalino. And with me wearing it: Jim
  15. moustache

    NOS Allen Edmonds Brown Broadstreets

    They have a new pair out i really like named the Strand.Oooo i like those. Might have to eventually get a pair. http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline/product_6478359_1_40000000001_-1?categoryId=&top_category=120552&Colorval=&Sizeval=&Widthval= Jim
  16. moustache

    NOS Allen Edmonds Brown Broadstreets

    I paid the princely sum of $195. A bit more than I wanted but considering how they look,etc,it was not too much. Jim
  17. moustache

    Spectator Shoes

    Very nice indeed!! Jim
  18. moustache

    NOS Allen Edmonds Brown Broadstreets

    I had posted some photos of my new Broadstreets as part of another thread but thought since that subject was "spectators",i would start a new one relating to Broadstreets. Last week i "won" the aution on ebay for a pair of Allen Edmonds Broadstreets in brown. They were New old stock in the box...
  19. moustache

    Spectator Shoes

    Pics!!!! Here are the photos I promised! Box as shipped: Now the opening!! Some of the accessories that came with the shoes:A shoe horn,polishing cloth and two AE cards. Now the shoes! And the inside tag: I have tried them on and they...
  20. moustache

    Spectator Shoes

    Update: I just received a reply from Allen Edmonds and after providing the numbers from inside the shoe,they tell me the shoes were manufactured in 1989. The folks at AE are a delight to deal with. Jim

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