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    For sell or trade GW Californian Venture

    I sell or trade my Good Wear Californian Venture. The jacket has been used and is very perfect condition. No smoke and no smell perfume. John Chapman made this jacket for me in a horse hide and with the use it's acquired a impressive look. I sell for 500€ shipping cost apart, so I trade for a...
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    German WW1 3/4 length black leather Flying coat

    I sell the Eastman leather coat for not using. This jacket has rarely been made only two trips I made. It is a size 42 and is in excellent condition, no smells of perfume or snuff. the price is 200 € plus shipping, payment by paypal. If you have any question, feel free to ask! [/IMG] [/IMG]
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    For sale Eastman A1

    I sale Eastman A1 in seal brown capeskin in size 42. The jacket is in perfect condition, was bought last May. The price is 375€ plus shipping. Add pics and measures. Chest: 58 cm Shoulder: 18 cm Sleeve length: 65 cm Back length: 65 cm [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG]
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    For Sale Eastman German WWI leather coat

    Leather coat in perfect condition, with little use. I sell it fund another purchase. It's a 3/4 pretty nice in a black leather. The size is 42 and the selling price is 290€ plus shipping. I prefer payment by Paypal. The jacket measures: Chest: 21'' Sleeve: 25'' Shoulder: 7'' [/IMG]
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    Californian Venture Jacket

    Hi at all!! Seven weeks ago, I got my Californian Venture in seal horside of John Chapman. I've been able to say that, this jacket is absolutely impressive. John is a wonderful carftsman and he really knows what does, also I say that the deal with him has been very pleasant! The measures...
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    For Sale Eastman USN M422A

    The jacket has been sold!!! thanks!!
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    My grandfather SCW jacket

    Hi everybody! Can you help me to identify the leather jacket that wore my grandfather during the Spanish Civil War ? [/IMG]
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    For sale: Eastman, Gibson & Barnes and Wested

    Hi everybody! I'm selling these three Jakes to financing the purchase of another one. Here I detail the jackets: Eastman, A2 Roug Wear 1401, size 40 300€ including shipping. [/IMG] Gibson & Barnes, air Force A2, size 42r 80€ + shipping [/IMG] Wested, Indiana jones LC/CS, size 42r...
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    FOR SALE: Aero

    I sell my Aero 1930's halfbelt slim fit HFQH, in size 42. I'm 181 cm and 84 Kg. The cost is 120€ + shipping. To pay for Pay-pal. [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG]
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    Californian Ventura

    Hi everybody! I'm new here, although some time I've been reading the forum. I want to buy the Californian Ventura jacket of Good Wear company, and I want to know if somebody tell me how the jacket is? Maybe I'll decide for the seal goat, but I don't know yet! I've other jacket similar to...

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