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  1. Dm101

    Woman wearing Hats

  2. Dm101

    The handwriting of everyday

    I, also, cannot write by moving my whole arm. It is suggested that for calligraphy, this is the best method...and there may be some truth to it. However, I write far too small to employ this particular methodology. I specifically grind all of my fountain pen nibs to XXF so that I write...
  3. Dm101

    Hat Liners, love or hate them!

    After adding vent holes and removing the liner...my hat is not a sweatbox. I don't think I'm a liner guy...sweat too much out in the woods.
  4. Dm101

    The handwriting of everyday

    I'm in my 40s now and sought to find a proper writing instrument all my life from as far back as I can remember. I "borrowed" my mothers pens from her ophthalmology lab because they wrote smoother and were better than standard pens... In my professional adult life I sought custom pens from all...
  5. Dm101

    The handwriting of everyday

    I've been learning more and more about how these pens operate since I picked up this Noodlers Ahab. I think I've finally found my favorite pen. This thing is completely serviceable from tip to cap!
  6. Dm101

    Fountain Pen

    And just as my Brass Flex Pen build nears completion...the PENBBS-456 arrives. Still awaiting it's mod parts but I tested the ultra flex nib on it in dip-pen mode....whoooowee it flexes out wider than the #5 nib on my brass pen and is WAY more comfortable in the hand and with over DOUBLE the ink...
  7. Dm101

    New VS Vintage Stetson Hats

    I figure hat quality is a lot like people quality nowadays. The older....the better.
  8. Dm101

    Fountain Pen

    Precisely why I purchased a PenBBS-456 as my next FP platform. My brass pocket Flex-FP is great for about 1-2 pages of regular writing...not enough for what I want to do with artwork and calligraphy. It holds about 0.7ml of ink. The PenBBS-456 holds about 1.8ml of ink...more than double. I can...
  9. Dm101

    Fountain Pen

    The Hongdian - Forest Series Pen IS AWESOME!! The internals of that pen are what I scavenged to build my my brass flex pen after the section, barrel and cap arrived from overseas. The feeds are easy to modify if you need higher ink flow and the nibs swap out easily. The #5 Nib selection isn't...
  10. Dm101

    Fountain Pen

    Whoa, nice Parker Vacumatic set!! I jumped into the deep end of the fountain pen pool this year and built one from the parts up. I had the body and cap machined overseas, then I assembled the internals myself, tuned the flex-nib and feed and will eventually get around to electro-etching the...
  11. Dm101

    Vintage Things That Will NOT Disappear In Your Lifetime

    Fountain Pens - We won't let them die...they're past technology that's better than current tech.
  12. Dm101

    How do folks react to your hat wearing?

    This past Saturday while escorting my wife in obtaining her HQL, a fellow classmate of hers (all womens course) complimented my Cody James Straw hat and attempted to start chatting me up. I could see the invisible knives coming out of my my wife's eyes. I deftly and wisely indicated to the lady...
  13. Dm101

    The handwriting of everyday

    The tools of my travesties...lol
  14. Dm101

    The handwriting of everyday

    Awesome! I've been doing a bit of calligraphy myself this summer...
  15. Dm101

    The handwriting of everyday

    That's the excuse I use all the time. I built a flex-nib fountain pen that has taken me months to fine tune. There's no way I'm letting someone uninitiated ruin what I've put so much time and money into. No way. No one uses my constant companion unless they can prove they understand how...
  16. Dm101

    Just when you thought you had seen it all . . . (Warning: Not for the fainthearted)

    Ugh...Govt slowly boiling people to the idea of internment-camp wear?
  17. Dm101

    Western Straw hats..I know, I know :)

    Wow...that is amazing!
  18. Dm101

    Just when you thought you had seen it all . . . (Warning: Not for the fainthearted)

    I'd gladly make that jacket my daily wear in the winter if I could trade in all the hair I have growing in weird places as I get older. Why my hair decided to leave my head and migrate to other places...I'll never understand. But I hate it.
  19. Dm101


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