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  1. Harry Gooch

    Akubra Campdraft

    I think the Fed IV is more of a long oval than the Campdraft. I too needed to stretch the Campdraft for more comfort, but the Fed IV of the same size fits like it was custom made.
  2. Harry Gooch

    Have we digressed too far from the golden era?

    The original concept of this forum, I believe, was to post things related to the "Golden Era." I see a lot of posts these days that have nothing to do with it. Thoughts? Cheers to all!
  3. Harry Gooch

    military movies with non regulation hair cuts

    Not to mention the three-day goatee that Jay Hernandez sports while wearing his navy dress whites in the reboot of Magnum PI. Same thing with the now-completed reboot of Hawaii Five-O, where Steve McGarrett had a three day stubble, again in his dress whites.
  4. Harry Gooch

    The Mummy clothes

  5. Harry Gooch

    Watch chain: An unexplained feature

    I see. Thanks. That makes perfect sense.
  6. Harry Gooch

    Watch chain: An unexplained feature

    But magnetic? Isn't that bad for vintage watches? I seem to recall a big feature of watches in the 60s and earlier was "anti-magnetic." Maybe someone with more knowledge than me can chime in.
  7. Harry Gooch

    The handwriting of everyday

    Good points, Hudson. My hand-written notes are definitely for my eyes only -- all others get typed.
  8. Harry Gooch

    Hair cuts

    Mr Natty, who has an interesting video linked to much earlier in this thread, when he worked in London, seems to have landed in NYC, at a shop called Tuft. $65 a pop is about $40 too rich for my blood, though.
  9. Harry Gooch

    My Finest ART DECO Item

    Are you sure this isn't a DC-3?
  10. Harry Gooch


    Great clip! I love it when his hat is suddenly too big.
  11. Harry Gooch


    Though I really like the ambience, I find a lot of what are labelled as "traditional" barbershops nowadays are filled with tattooed, pierced, lumberjack-bearded hipsters who only know how to do one cut and that with buzzers. I've been going to a salon for years as the barber there knows how to...
  12. Harry Gooch

    The Agents of F.L.A.S.K.

    Looks like the Gorn from the original Star Trek series.
  13. Harry Gooch

    Art Fawcett VS Hall of Fame

    Not sure how old this is, but I just spotted it on https://vscustomhats.com/ David Gibson Master Hatter We would like to wish Art Fawcett a very happy retirement and success in his future endeavors. The Gibson Hat Co. has assumed ownership and we will be continuing operations with the same...
  14. Harry Gooch

    The handwriting of everyday

    My father told me never to lend a fountain as it can be ruined by someone used to a bic. Too bad you didn't have that excuse to hand!
  15. Harry Gooch

    The handwriting of everyday

    I find that writing cursively is a great way to slow down my mind. It's almost like a form of meditation.
  16. Harry Gooch

    The handwriting of everyday

    I agree, Edward. I have a very high-tech job, but still take a lot of hand-written notes -- with a fountain pen, of course!
  17. Harry Gooch

    Comment by 'Harry Gooch' in article 'The Legendary.... Pencil. The Blackwing 602.'

    I bought a box of the Palamino Blackwing 602s recently -- gave one to my wife, a writer like me. She loves it and has reserved several more from the box. Thanks for the review, Scott.
  18. Harry Gooch

    The handwriting of everyday

    In Ontario, Canada, I think most boards of education have stopped teaching cursive writing.
  19. Harry Gooch

    Vintage Barbour jackets

    I think part of the problem is how often the jacket gets wet. If it's wet, be sure to hang it to dry in a dry place, not a damp basement. My Beaufort is 25 years old, give or take, and doesn't have the infamous pong. It does faintly smell like a canvas tent, however, there is no mustiness.

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