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  1. moustache

    My first half marathon(in mileage that is)

    It has been awhile since my last post. I have been quite involved with running and don't have as much online time. I hope to get back here this winter for more posting. Wednesday was my birthday and so I took a rest day off to ponder Veteran's Day and give thanks to those vets who have...
  2. moustache

    NOS Allen Edmonds Brown Broadstreets

    I had posted some photos of my new Broadstreets as part of another thread but thought since that subject was "spectators",i would start a new one relating to Broadstreets. Last week i "won" the aution on ebay for a pair of Allen Edmonds Broadstreets in brown. They were New old stock in the box...
  3. moustache

    I will gone for awhile...father just died

    Just a note to all that i will be jumping in and out of the site just now and then as my father died unexpectedly friday morning and i have a lot of work ahead in taking care of my mother. Many thanks, Jim
  4. moustache

    Pinzano Panama hat

    After reading up on Panama hats and with summer rapidly approaching,i made my way down to my local haberdasher to look them over.I have always tried on hats before buying(no internet hat sales except the odd gamble on a Borsalino). They had just received their latest shipment and i had a wide...
  5. moustache

    FS:J & M Spectators

    I purchsed these from a fellow FL'er and they are in wonderful condition.(used but good shape)Problem is that i hoped my feet would fit better and i would wear them often.I stretched them a wee bit with a manual stretcher but they still are too tight.So i will have to let them go to a good...
  6. moustache

    Shoe shine:Do your own or take out??

    Many people just do not have time to fiddle with shining and taking care of their shoes.I,for one,like to do my own.Saves money and i enjoy it.What about fellow FL'ers? Take to a business/shoe shine,or do your own at home?? JD
  7. moustache

    Suddenly, I'm seeing hats everywhere!

    Count the fedoras!!-How many today?? Why not do this again!!! Count how many fedoras you see when out and about.If you can elaborate on whom worn by and such,splendid!!! The post before this reminded me of this thread from last year. here is what i saw in Portland,Oregon yesterday: Two...
  8. moustache

    Your favourite dress-up photos??

    So we all like to dress up in our finest vintage or non-vintage dress clothes. Now,many will admit to HATING having their photograph taken.But a few of us enjoy it :p Maybe thats our vanity showing !! So how about showing us you "best" photos??Label where they were taken and when (if...
  9. moustache

    Allen Edmonds:How many??

    Those who love Allen Edmonds typically have more than one pair.How many do you own?What is your favourite style? JD
  10. moustache

    Allen Edmonds sole repair??

    Ok cobblers out there:I have a pair of delightful Allen Edmonds Byrons that are in wonderful condition.Except for one small problem. The soles have a couple of years of life left save one having a dime sized hole in the center of the sole.You can see and feel the cork.Not sure how this occured...
  11. moustache

    Airports:Best and worst

    We have all traveled,some more than others. List your favourite and least favourite airports and the reasons why. My hometown airport was just named the USA's best by a leading travel magazine:Portland International. While i think it is one of the best :p i wouldn't say it is my...
  12. moustache

    Favourite instrument??

    Which instrument listed is your favourite?? Mine is the piano followed by violin. JD
  13. moustache

    Listening to music

    How do you listen to music?? Are you listening to it for a mystical/religious/aesthetic experience or just as entertainment? The last 100 years have been a time of dramatic change for music lovers.The age of recording has introduced many to the love and passion that could have only previously...
  14. moustache

    Ink samples:Browns,blues,purples

    I had a wee bit of free time to play with the pens and inks today. The result is a sample sheet of some of the inks in my collection and the pens used. The sheet lists which pen and ink was used. Maybe it will help anyone looking at these particular ink/pen combinations.Forgive the curve at the...
  15. moustache

    Which religious group?

    Politics and religion are sticky subjects.We do not discuss politics but religion is a dominant part of our lives,be it athiest or Christian,Jewish,etc,etc.Since i only had 10 spaces ,it was tough to fit all seperately.Apologies for that.I tried to list what i could. Just curious how many here...
  16. moustache

    Favorite WWII movies

    Favourite WWII movies Ok folks:Name your favourite WWII movies according to these criteria: 1--Realism and accuracy 2--Story,screenplay 3--cinematography and soundtrack here are my favourites: 1--Tie between "Band of Brothers", "Saving Private Ryan" and "Schindler's List" 2--The...
  17. moustache

    Harris Tweed sportcoat:dating??

    I received this slightly used Harris Tweed jacket from eprey for the pittance of $4. In fact the shipping costs more than the jacket. I will show it off tomorrow at work i think. Is there a way of dating the jackets??Maybe with the serial number?? JD The ever present label!!
  18. moustache

    Dressing the Man

    Sometimes searching through the archive can be so laborius. Therefore i will ask this question: Anyone else familiar with Alan Flusser's book entitled: Dressing the Man:Mastering the art of permanent fashion. I bought this last week and am thrilled at it's contents.Similar to the...
  19. moustache

    Which shoe brand is favourite?

    Which shoe brand is your favourite? 1-Allen-Edmonds 2-Alden 3-Johnston & Murphy 4-John Lobb 5-Bondini 6-Church"s 7-Crockett & Jones 8-Bostonian 9-other
  20. moustache

    Name your three favourite actors/actresses

    Name your three favourite actors and actresses of the Golden Age +/- 20 years Three men,three women. Here are mine: Men: Cary Grant Gregory Peck Jimmy Stewart Ladies: Audrey Hepburn(Not really Golden Age but close) Ingrid Bergman Grace Kelly JD

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