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  1. polloelastico

    Eat Dust × Lewis Leathers Western Type III - Gold Suede (40)

    Size 40, fits true to size and slim. It's not a boxy cut like most Type IIIs -- much more tailored. It's got some heft to it, probably in the 6 lb. range and it feels great to wear because of that. Shoulder: 18" PTP: 21" Back: 24" Sleeve: 25.75" Waist: 20" For what it's worth, these were a...
  2. polloelastico

    Real McCoy's U.S.N. A-2 Deck Jacket (L)

    ***** SOLD ***** Brand new with tags, only tried on in my house. It's a size big and I can't exchange it (ordered direct from Japan) -- doesn't always work out :-( This is not has heavy as the N-1 Jacket. I live in the Bay Area of CA and this is a totally fine jacket for that. It's also roomy...
  3. polloelastico

    FS: Y2 Indigo Leather Type II, Size 40

    Really like this one, it's super comfortable. I would guess 1.2mm. $1100 PTP: 20.5" Sleeve: 24.5" Shoulder 17.5" Length 24.5"
  4. polloelastico

    FS: Fine Creek Richmond (Type 1) 42

    Excellent condition, just starting to break in. Lightly worn. It's tagged a 42, but I think it fits closer to a 40. (SOLD) PTP: 21" Shoulder: 18" Length: 25" Sleeves: 25"
  5. polloelastico

    FS: Tenjin Works JS02 (Size 40)

    I'm doing the new year reduction of jackets, and this one is on the block. I also have it listed on Grailed with more pics of the measurements (it's tagged 42, but it's a trim 40 IMO) -- $800 shipped (discounted for the FL, it's listed on Grailed for more). PTP: 20.5 in Length: 27.25 in...
  6. polloelastico

    RMC discontinued model, dreams crushed!

    I was finally getting ready to order the RMC "deadwood 70s jacket" and after a conversation with RM in London, they informed me that the model was discontinued and out of stock. I'm looking to get a black one in a 42, so the odds of one showing up on the used market in that color and size are...
  7. polloelastico

    FS: Tenjin Works JS02 (42)

    Posted over on Grailed: https://www.grailed.com/listings/10764729-Japanese-Brand-Tenjin-Works-JS02---Natural-Tochigi-Leather-Jacket It's a great coat -- I'm going custom with Tenjin or I would for sure keep it. BTW, It's tagged as a 42, but it's more like a 40
  8. polloelastico

    FS: 1970's Schott cafe style, brown, 40

    Clearing out the closet! Nice condition Schott from the 70s. Schott provided me with the replacement zip in liner, which they labeled as a 38 but the jacket is tagged a 40. I think it's a like a 40+ based on the numbers, maybe even closer to a 42? shoulder: I'm calling this 19" because it...
  9. polloelastico

    Thedi leather MTC (Cafe) jacket M (40)

    I ordered this from Thedi through Thurston Bros a few years back, I’m not riding bikes now and don’t need such a heavy coat anymore. It was a custom order, but all I changed was to add 1/2 an inch to the sleeves, aside from that his stock numbers are perfect for me. It’s dark brown steerhide...
  10. polloelastico

    RMC Deadwood jacket

    I'm about the pull the trigger on this coat but am looking for some fit pics and fit feedback from anyone who owns it (hard to find pics of the collar). I understand the lining is a rayon, I was hoping for a light flannel, but I think that'll be fine. I'm in CA so I don't need a heavy coat and...
  11. polloelastico

    WTB: freewheelers mulholland

    I'm looking for a 40 in vintage black -- you never know!
  12. polloelastico

    FS: Himel Brothers D-Pocket 40/42

    Hate to do it, but it's just a too big (high hopes it would work out. I recently picked this up from a follow TFL member (via ebay) and need to flip it.... Auction active on ebay Pit/Pit: 22" (56 cm) Shoulder Seam to Seam: 18.5" (47 cm) Shoulder Seam to End of Cuff: 25.75" (66 cm)...
  13. polloelastico

    Freewheeler jackets, possible outside of japan?

    I really like the new Mulholland by Freewheeler (their hats are cool too) but have no idea if it's possible to order these from the US. Anyone know of a online vendor that can ship to the US? Interestingly from what I can find on sizing, they seem to run a little big. I'm normally a 40 but...
  14. polloelastico

    RMC Shinki HH -- always so shiny?

    I'm Looking at the pictures of the RMC jackets -- and while they are super cool, the shiny part is not so cool to me. Does this wear off quickly and become more of a matte finish? Aside from that, they seem great albeit quite expensive.
  15. polloelastico

    Real McCoy Buco J-25?

    Holy cow, I just stumbled upon this jacket but since I'm in the US I can't order it (or rather, they won't ship it to me). Anyone know how to procure one of these? Is model new, or just much unloved? Their website: https://www.realmccoys.co.jp/catalog/products/detail.php?product_id=3993&pg=

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