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  1. Brettafett

    Cockpit G-1 Classic "100 Missons" Flight Jacket 42 NEW UK

    Cockpit (formerly Avirex) G-1 Classic "100 Missons" Flight Jacket Size 42 NEW with tags Measurements on Cockpits website. I just received this, but unfortunately its a touch big on me. I was recommended to get a size up, but I guess Im too skinny. I AM LOOKING INTO RETURN COSTS, so if this does...
  2. Brettafett

    75th FS 23rd FG Tiger Sharks CBI WW2 leather patches NEW

    Here is a set of high quality leather patches, hand painted by the Sean Collins (A2 Jacket Patches), on genuine leather just like originals were. Produced to exacting details and sizes. These depict the 75th Fighter Squadron of the 23rd Fighter Group (succeeding the AVG Flying Tigers), based in...
  3. Brettafett

    DEVOTION the movie

    Not sure how many have seen the trailer, might have been eclipsed by Maverick, but its looking pretty good. Based on the fantastic 'true story' book of the same name. https://adammakos.com/devotion-book.html Jackets look ok, better than Midway et al. Likely some Cockpit USA jackets, mixed in...
  4. Brettafett

    AVI LTHR & Outland 55J14 G-1 jacket giveaway...

    Hi guys, Morten has graciously given us a G-1 to give away in our Outland Top Gun 2 promo. If you're interested, give it a go ;) https://www.facebook.com/outlandsynth/
  5. Brettafett

    AVI LTHR Classic styles... Looking good

    AVI just dropped some new CLASSIC styles... https://www.avileather.com/product-category/leather-jackets/classic-jackets/
  6. Brettafett

    AVI LEATHER Archive sale - M-422As and G-1s for sale...

    Not sure if anyone else received this, but there's a 38, some 42s, 44s, 48, 54 and even a size 60 on there! Apparently, "The products are mainly development samples, previous versions or jackets with small flaws. " https://www.avileather.com/archive-sale/
  7. Brettafett

    M-422A repro size 42 F/s NWT

    Hi all, This was the first jacket I received, that was replaced with the 'updated' version (reviewed elsewhere). The update included the label and hanger tab being moved up slightly, the wider left pocket and the extra row of stitching under the collar. Otherwise its exactly the same. Gorgeous...
  8. Brettafett

    AVI LTHR's long-awaited M-422A (NXs. 416) pics and review

    Its been a while since I did a review... But here goes... I've been wearing this jacket often since I received it, and initial impressions stand up. Its a beaut! Patterned after AVI's original WW2 Gordon & Ferguson M-422A, the jacket looks right and fits comfortably. AVI have done a good job of...
  9. Brettafett

    AVI LTHR Cafe racer J-100

    As you all know, Im a fan of AVI LTHR's jackets and have just ordered the long-awaited M-422A. (Pics and thoughts will be posted) In discussing some details of the above order, I received some info I thought I'd share. They are introducing a line of classic civilian types, the first being a Cafe...
  10. Brettafett

    AVI LTHR's G&F M-422A is here!

    This dropped recently, received and email over the weekend. https://www.avileather.com/product/m-422a-flight-jacket-nxs416/ Copied off their Gordon & Ferguson original. From what I can see, most of the detailing is there...
  11. Brettafett

    JA Dubow Mfg Dubow G-1 repro - Platon's expanding to the USN - Who wants one????

    Now this IS interesting. Platon has acquired an original Dubow G-1, and is looking to reproduce it. I had some recent comms with him and he shared the below. Essentially, he is looking at reproducing an "...exact replica so it will feel like a NOS original..." Considering what he did with the...
  12. Brettafett

    AVI LTHR's 'new' Bronco pics!

    Recently received AVI’s ‘new’ Bronco incarnation and promised to show-&-tell. Overall, I’m very happy with the jacket. Well-made, fits to a T and is arguably the best Bronco pattern they have made to date. This is the horsehide version. Its light, supple and feels to be about the correct...
  13. Brettafett

    Cockpit USA Classic 100 Missions G-1 jacket

    Hi all, Can I get some comments on those who own one of these, on sizing. What size do you wear and what are your measurements, please. Especially keen to hear from anyone 5'10 to 6ft-ish Fit pics very welcome. This applies to the Heroes G-1, Forrestal etc... Thanks
  14. Brettafett

    ELC Monarch 23378 A-2 Size 42 F/S

    Closet queen in almost new condition. This is a regular size 42 with 0.5" added to sleeves and is as it comes (i.e. no Timeworn treatments or anything). Has been worn a few times, mostly around the house and for fit pics. Its become a 'closet-queen'... So essentially still in 'new' condition...
  15. Brettafett

    Bill Kelso Dubow 27798 42 (long) F/S

    Anyone interested in a good-as-new Bill Kelso Dubow 27798 size 42 (long)...? Still have tags and certificate. Seal Liberty, mid brown knit & thread. I have three seal Dubow 27798s, one from Platon and two Bill Kelsos (besides all the others). Am keen on a russet. Im 5'10+, 72-73kgs, 40" chest...
  16. Brettafett

    GoodWear Monarch 23378 A-2 46 (more like large 42 or 44) F/S

    An opportunity presented itself to buy this London-based russet GW Monarch without seeing it. Although its tagged larger than I’d normally wear, the measurements seemed like they could possibly be ok (not far off from my last ELC RW1401 42long). I've been after a russet A-2 and John's Monarch is...
  17. Brettafett

    Cockpit Horsehide A-2 Jake Cutter's Flying Tigers tribute jacket F/S

    Cockpit Horsehide A-2 Jake Cutter's Flying Tigers tribute jacket - FOR SALE! This US-made Cockpit WW2 Government issue A-2, is a high quality horsehide flight jacket/ bomber jacket. The Mahogany seal brown horsehide shows the same natural creases, folds and graining details, as those worn by...
  18. Brettafett

    BK Roughwear 23380 Seal Liberty A-2 REVIEW

    BK Roughwear 23380 Seal Liberty horsehide with medium brown knit and thread. I like the olive drab thread also, but I think medium brown is more authentic for this model. Received this jacket a few months ago and have worn it on and off, as much as possible. This is a great jacket! Probably my...
  19. Brettafett

    AVI LTHR Bronco A-2s on Ebay NOS

    Another Forum member drew my attention to AVI LTHR's Ebay shop front. Looks like they are moving their 'older' stock of V1 or V2 A-2s (arguably the more 'accurate', versions), for a SONG!!!! Besides Platon's Dubows (on another level of authenticity), these A-2s must be THE best deal on the...
  20. Brettafett

    Bill Kelso Dubow 27798 Seal Liberty horsehide Size 42 Long F/S - New with tags

    Bill Kelso Dubow 27798 size 42 Long F/S - New with tags. The jacket was received just before Xmas and was only tried on for fit and photos. Still retains tags, certificates and packaging. Seal Liberty horsehide is a gorgeous chocolatey mid brown, with lots of grain and character. Olive drab...

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