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  1. Mojave Jack

    WTB: Air Force shade 84 or 1084 necktie

    apparently the most difficult item to find when assembling a Korean War-era Air Force service dress uniform is finding a tie! Who knew? If anyone happens to have a shade 84 or 1084 blue wool tie they'd be willing to part with, I'd be much obliged! Please pm me with price and shipping.
  2. Mojave Jack

    Ralph Lauren Jacket, size Large

    Up for sale is my Ralph Lauren safari style jacket. It's currently on eBay at http://www.ebay.com/itm/291569217440?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Unfortunately I seem to be a bit too wide in the chest, so it's got to go. Anyone with this jacket in an XL that doesn't fit...
  3. Mojave Jack


    Just got back from seeing Fury with Brad Pitt. Phenomenal movie, but brutal in its gritty protrayal of a WWII tank crew. If I were interested in any tanker gear, I'd snatch it up before this movie hits theaters! It's like the first twenty minutes of Saving Private Ryan for two hours.
  4. Mojave Jack

    Campaign Bed

    I must be getting old. I still love my wall tent for camping, but I just don't like sleeping on the ground anymore. I'm fine with my old wood army cot, but the wife prefers to share a bed. We've been using a full-sized air mattress, which is large enough and comfortable enough for sleepng...
  5. Mojave Jack

    Adding pockets to sweaters

    I like sweaters, especially vests, but never wear them because I can't get to my shirt pockets underneath to get to sunglasses, pencils, and so forth. I've seen a few sweaters with pockets, like the What Price Glory Indian Army Sweater, but the pockets are never quite what I want, or the color...
  6. Mojave Jack

    Field Chow Can

    I just made a great score at one of our local antique shops. The Monty was in getting aligned, so I perused the shops while I waited. ...and I found this. I'm not sure if it is US surplus, but looks to be about WWII/Korean War era, though the hot chow cans we had when I was in...
  7. Mojave Jack

    Adam Hats Gray Fedora w/ Box, Size 7

    A vintage Adam Hats fedora, barely worn, in it's original box, in a size 7. This fedora is flawless, without a single moth nip anywhere, and no marks from storage. The markings on the sweatband are all perfectly legible, even the "Cushioned for Head Comfort" stamp on the front of the sweatband...
  8. Mojave Jack

    Rugged Smartphone Holster

    I've got a new smartphone (well, new to me), an LG Revolution. What are you outdoorsy types carrying your smartphones in (besides your pockets)? I've had the Colonel Littleton, Duluth Trading, and Bucket Boss cell phone holsters in the past, but they are all either too small for the...
  9. Mojave Jack

    Test Pilot, Clark Gable and Myrna Loy

    OK, film fans! I've been trying to find a copy of this film for years, because I've never seen it. Anybody know where a copy can be found? Was it ever released on VHS or DVD (or anything I can watch without having to rent a theater, for that matter)?
  10. Mojave Jack

    Light Weight Motorcycle Jackets

    We hit 113 in the Mojave today, which is a bit hot for leather. Any suggestions for a lightweight vintage-esque jacket that is suitable for summer riding in the desert? My cotton A-2 is like putting up a sail, and I think I lose about ten miles an hour every time the wind catches it, so I'm...
  11. Mojave Jack

    Professional hats

    We have a new Conservation Law Enforcement Officer who asked me to recommend a hat to him today, but he has some ideas about what he wants and doesn't want. He doesn't want felt, due to the heat here, but isn't crazy about straw, either. He wants something akin to a boonie hat, but that still...
  12. Mojave Jack

    Enlisted and Officer Pay Scales

    I've been searching around, with no luck, to find the pay scales for the 1930s and 1940s for both enlisted troops and officers. Anyone know of a good source for that data?
  13. Mojave Jack

    The Mode in Hats and Headdress

    by R. Turner Wilcox, 1945 A co-worker brought me a gift today, gleaned from a library sale. Knowing my interest in hats, he picked it up for a song (though he won't tell me exactly how much!), and what an amazing find! It covers hats and hair styles from the Egyptians to the end of WWII in...
  14. Mojave Jack

    Pre-WWII Air Corps Uniform

    I've been developing a guided walking tour of the March Field Historic District for some time, and am planning to do it in a period uniform. I've been shooting for circa 1935, since that is the last year of the period of significance for the district, and have been using as my guide one of the...
  15. Mojave Jack

    Squadron Patches on A-2s

    My buddy is going to paint a squadron patch for me, and I want to make sure it's the right size. I've seen squadron patches ranging anywhere from 5 inches up to around 7 inches. For those of you with original A-2s, what seems to be the most common size or what seems to be the best size...
  16. Mojave Jack

    Archaeological Tools of the Golden Age

    OK, here's an obscure request for information. I'm putting together an archaeological toolkit circa 1927-1935 for a hands on demonstration I am preparing. Since I'll actually be using this stuff, I need tools that still look the same as they did in the Golden Age. I have the big stuff, like...
  17. Mojave Jack

    Appleby, 7-1/8, for sale

    For those of you who like the Open Road style, this hat is even better! The felt is finer than I've ever seen on any Open Road, vintage or new, and the hat itself is immaculate. It is not stiff like most Open Roads, and if it didn't have the thin ribbon, I would not even compare them. It is a...
  18. Mojave Jack

    No snap brim, please

    As the days get warmer I find myself still wearing my Akubra Riverina. Though it is getting well into the hundreds these days, none of my other hats a) provide enough sun protection on my neck due to the snap brim, or b) don't distort in the nearly constant wind here, blowing the brim into my...
  19. Mojave Jack

    Del Monico Hatters, New Haven, Connecticut

    I just made a visit to Del Monico Hatters in New Haven, Connecticut, also mentioned in a thread by French, here. I thought it worthy to start a new thread, rather than hijack French's thread, to draw attention to a real quality New England hatter. The staff is really excellent, and more than...
  20. Mojave Jack

    Orvis Hunting Vest F/S

    I recently acquired a brand new, with tags, Orvis Hunting Vest. I was quite excited, until I found that it just doesn't quite fit. I'm a 42, and while I can button this vest, it is a bit snug and won't allow any layering beyond a shirt and undershirt. So, for a hunter or shooter that wears...

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