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    WTB- Very small brown flight jacket

    If anyone has a very small 32" or less, Brown leather flight jacket will consider from new to very worn!, it's for my daughter, I just got her an old Blatt of Chicago one (lovely jacket) but unfortunately the arms are a bit short, so her little sister has claimed that one! D
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    Vintage Leather Jackets England

    A while ago I read a thread in which someone mentioned a new supplier of vintage leather jackets which I think was based in Yorkshire please does anyone recall the website name of this supplier? Thanks D
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    Aero 1930's Cossack

    For all you Guys in the US I've just spotted "Bench and Loom" have Aero 1930's Cossack jackets in their sale section for $650, an excellent price when the jacket retails for £620 in the UK. D
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    Anyone know anything about Kudu hide?

    Aero has some trial HWM's in Kudu hide can anyone tel me anything about this hide (appearance,touch,durability etc').