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  1. Norumbega

    New details on Glenn Miller's disappearance

    What to believe, what to believe.....out on Amazon; The Glenn Miller Conspiracy: The Never-Before-Told Story of His Life -- and Death [Paperback] Hunton Downs (Author) From Publishers Weekly Journalist and WWII-veteran Downs has spent the last 50 years investigating the mysterious...
  2. Norumbega

    Shakelton Whiskey

    Though a wee dated, what totally absorbing articles. Shackelton fans aside, I cannot fathom how exciting it must have been to literally grab this whiskey from the permafrost after so many years, test it, taste it and then produce a limited run. Oh, if I had the coins. Is anyone else as...
  3. Norumbega

    Best WWII museums

    Perhaps it's better known as a windswept testimony to the healing power of prayer, but I think both the story and the beauty of the WWII Italian Chapel in the Orkney Islands to be very touching. It's amazing how few people know of it or the story of those who built it, stayed, and returned...
  4. Norumbega

    In Rememberance

    Well said everyone.......what a wonderful generation of people, and as others have stated, what great talents and people filled with generosity. I'm so thankful that we have known them.
  5. Norumbega

    In Rememberance

    You know.....I just wanted to recognize the passing of Delores Hope, wife of the funniest man I ever observed. His body of work, his timing, his sense of patriotism in doing all of those USO shows in Vietnam......and well, beside every great man, is a great woman, and Delores was that woman...
  6. Norumbega

    Vintage Eyeglasses

    Just last month I received my Gold Shurons, with tortoise shell skull temples (Gold Shuron P3 Ful-Vue #7205) from the Optometrist Attic, and couldnt be happier. I would recommend them to anyone looking for vintage wear. One interesting point Vick makes is that while some of the glasses are...
  7. Norumbega

    What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    I watched Robert Redford's, "The Conspirators," based on the Lincoln assassination. Robin Wright was superb as Mary Surratt.....ditto James McAvoy as her lawyer, Frederick Aiken and Kevin Klein as Edwin Stanton. Costuming, hairstyles, dialect....all were first rate. Filmed in...
  8. Norumbega

    Albert Brown, Bataan Death March survivor, 105

    I've always found it so disheartening that so many think WWII happened, and was won in Europe alone. If anyone would like to immerse themselves and understand just how brave these Bataan survivors were, and the gritty fight they put up with substandard equipment, blunting the cream of Japan's...
  9. Norumbega

    What is your favorite aircraft of all time?

    Based on a family friend, who was a WWII & Korean War Marine Corps aviator, the Colonel swore by the Corsair. He said it could take a pounding, and anyone who understands Marine Corps close air support.......well, that's good enough for me.
  10. Norumbega

    (KNIVES) Let's see some sharp pointy objects

    I wanted to upgrade my hunting knife last year and found a really nice knife, made in Spain by Muela. It's from their Tejon series. It's a 17, with the stag handle. Well balanced, stylish, and razor sharp. I love it. It's number is #3 in the photo link attached...
  11. Norumbega

    Aftershave : That nostalgic true masculine smell!

    Very fond memories of Bay Rum. It's still applied, along with a dusting talc, at the barber shop I go to. I have found an intriguing source for some fragrances I wish to gamble with.....among them are a bay rum. I stumbled on them purely by chance one evening while surfing. The company is...
  12. Norumbega

    D Day, then and now photos

    Fascinating. The ability of the European stone mason is pretty amazing. You can't help but view them as someone with an ant's mentality, in which, that which gets destroyed, is immediately rebuilt. Secondly, the then and now photographs are riveting. Thanks for providing the link.
  13. Norumbega


    For those looking for a Rye, I found an interesting website by Anchor Distilling. Worth reading about their award winning rye, "old Portrero here: http://www.anchorbrewing.com/about_us/oldpotrero_18th.htm The product: http://www.thewhiskeyplace.com/old-potrero-750ml-2-year-old.html
  14. Norumbega

    Forbidden items in my home...

    Che posters. Repulsive.
  15. Norumbega

    Needing help/suggestions with Vintage Eyewear

    I found a resource you might try. It appears to be comprised of professionals. It's a forum entitled "OptiBoard." I'm sure they could answer any questions. http://www.optiboard.com/forums/forum.php
  16. Norumbega

    Long wool coat

    Just to continue this thread with more options, I came across this at Monster Vintage. http://www.monstervintage.com/Vintage_Clothing/Mens/Outerwear/Overcoats_Trenchcoats/list_034_000.html
  17. Norumbega

    The Art of Vintage Leather Jackets; A blog

    I'm not sure where this belongs or really, where I'm going with it. Part of me was touched by David's thoughts regarding his relationship with his dad. He has many interests, among them vintage leather. My recommendation is to first read this page and then, go back up to the top and view the...
  18. Norumbega

    Long wool coat

    Just a suggestion, but had you ever looked on the Sportsman's Guide under Military Surplus? -Belgian Military Wool Overcoat: http://www.sportsmansguide.com/net/cb/new-belgian-military-overcoat-navy-blue.aspx?a=504810 @ $39.97 -Used French Military Cavalry Motorcycle Coat...
  19. Norumbega

    High Road to China coat, where can I get one?

    Bit pricey. http://www.orvis.com/store/product.aspx?pf_id=3C3G&adv=4489&cm_mmc=Shopping.com*Prod_feeds*Prod_feeds*4489
  20. Norumbega

    The "Private" Life of a Lady Marine

    Thanks for sharing this. My mum was a Marine as well, and posted out on the West Coast at Camp Pendleton during the war. She wears her Marine Corps locket every day. As I posted elsewhere here, she was interviewed extensively by lead writer Bruce McKenna for the HBO series The Pacific...