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    Aero Premier 1930s Halfbelt Size 40

    Price: $800 My waist has determined that it is time for me to part with this jacket. It was purchased 4 years ago and is on its way to being broken in. It is done in heavy steer hide with olive stitching. Below is the order through Thurston Bros describing the modifications made. DATE- 11/01/15...
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    Ebay Jacket Identification and Repair

    Hello all! I recently purchased a jacket from Ebay and was wondering if anyone can help identify it. I was also curious what you all knew about repairs. I've seen mentions of Aero and Lewis as great places to get repairs done, but I'm thinking this jacket might need a full overhaul. Have any of...
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    Aero Premier 1930s Half Belt

    Hello everyone! Finally got out to take some pictures of my new premier 30s half belt. I have had it for a week and could not be more happy. I think Carrie did a great job and was very patient with me.