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  1. garzo

    Star Trek G-1

    It's nice to see that the classic Navy G-1 is still around and being used by space crews in the 23rd century. It looks like they're introducing the classic jacket into the world of Star Trek.
  2. garzo

    Henry Cavill Jacket

    I came across these pictures of Henry Cavill, star of the new "The Man of Steel" Superman movie. He's wearing a cool coat -- anyone have an idea what kind of jacket it is? Nice color, interesting form.
  3. garzo

    New Lewis Leathers Offerings

    It seems Lewis Leathers is expanding their catalogue with the launch of the 1940s label D. Lewis, which so far includes two new models, the Lumber Jacket and the Countryman Jacket. They looks like a cross between an A2 and a Lewis Corsair/Dominator, in brown or black with leather cuffs and...
  4. garzo

    Aero Highwayman, Wested Indy Horsehide, Das Boot/Dr Who

    Hello, I live in Berlin, Germany, and have for sale the following items. I will be listing them on Ebay soon and also adding photos here. If anyone is interested, please drop me a line. Aero Highwayman size 46 (with ONE extra inch in body length), bi-swing back, in Black Front Quarter Mottled...
  5. garzo

    Aero Cheyenne vs. Veste de Rallye

    Hi there. I'm considering ordering a new Aero and am really interested in getting a coat, either a Cheyenne or a Veste de Rallye. Has anyone compared the two? From the photos on the Aero website, they look very similar to me aside from the Cheyenne's side hand-warmer pockets. I...
  6. garzo

    Wearing Classic Leather Motorcycle Jackets

    I've been visiting the forums for quite a while now and am a big fan of vintage-style clothing, especially leather jackets. I have a G&B "historical" A2 and an Aero Highwayman that I wear often. I'm still a big fan of Schott (even though they're not exactly "vintage") because I like quality...
  7. garzo

    Aero Highwayman 44 for sale in Europe

    I'm selling a size 44 black Aero Highwayman FQ jerky horsehide, green and black checkered wool blanket lining. Aero Highwayman are classic and this jacket looks awsome. In excellent condition, like new, bought from Aero last year. Unfortunately it's just a tad too small for me. I am in Germany...
  8. garzo

    German Manufacturers

    Has anyone heard of a German manufacturer/dealer called Noble House The Leather Company in Ulm? I think they sell primarily over ebay. I was wondering if their jackets are any good. It seems to me they do low-cost cowhide versions of current Eastman designs, especially Eastman's period...
  9. garzo

    Motorcycle Diaries Riding Coat

    I've started a thread (with photos) regarding the film "Motorcycle Diaries" at http://cornellsurgery.com/v-web/bulletin/bb/viewtopic.php?t=4904 I'm looking for information on the coat worn by Gael Garcia Bernal, the actor who plays Che Guevara in the film. Would appreciate any info if...
  10. garzo

    Highwayman: Missed Bargain

    Don't you just hate it when you buy a nice new jacket, then see the same one a little later at a considerably lower price? I just picked up what I thought was a great deal -- the f/q jerky Aero Highwayman going for £230. It may not be 'cheap', but it's a lot less than other heavyweight...