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  1. Spiney

    The Real McCoy’s 30S Nelson Fit

    Looks to big to me.
  2. Spiney

    Custom Aero advice, please: 3rd times charm?

    I believe it’s all of it.
  3. Spiney

    Custom Aero advice, please: 3rd times charm?

    The Premier Highwayman on Aero’s site is in russet goat. I’ve also been told by Holly that the goat is teacore.
  4. Spiney

    Footwear to go with our jackets

    If in London go to Trickers directly. They have a store on Jermyn Street in the West End.
  5. Spiney

    Advice request; First Thurston Bros custom Aero

    I’d definitely consider Goat instead of CXL.
  6. Spiney

    Uneven grain/crease on a Horsehide?

    Looks good but I’m not sure you have room for a hoodie. Looks tight on chest with the t shirt.
  7. Spiney

    Field Leathers

    Just a heads up, Greg has put up his prices as of today ( June 19th ) by 10%.
  8. Spiney

    Simmons Bilt

    So, if you guys could order a Simmons Bilt or buy an Aero from their stock page that you know will fit , what would you do ? Aero currently have a jacket I’ve always liked , the leather is a slight compromise but not an issue.
  9. Spiney

    Simmons Bilt

    Looks great.
  10. Spiney

    Five Star Leather Jackets

    Shawn sent me a message today informing me that the 2.2mm leather will be available again in a week. Actually, he didn’t mention if it was cow or horse !
  11. Spiney

    Five Star Leather Jackets

    Any idea if their sizing is accurate to the size chart ?
  12. Spiney

    Five Star Leather Jackets

    Anyone have any experience of their ‘genuine and high quality steerhide’ ? Looking at trying one of their jackets , standard sizing seems like it would work for me too so it’s an easy buy if the leather is ok .
  13. Spiney

    Field Leathers Buco J82

  14. Spiney

    Vanson Model A or Aero Cafe Racer

    No deal unfortunately. No idea on back length. Only one pic on their website.
  15. Spiney

    Vanson Model A or Aero Cafe Racer

    A few people on here mentioned a difference between older and newer models of this Vanson. Just for reference, the jacket I have access to here in England has been in stock for an unbelievable 5 years !
  16. Spiney

    Field Leathers

    Grant Stone are excellent quality. Probably the best out there for the cash.
  17. Spiney

    Goldtop '76 Cafe Racer leather jacket

    Very nice , underrated jackets
  18. Spiney

    Just when you thought you had seen it all . . . (Warning: Not for the fainthearted)

    Balenciaga ‘Boxy’ jacket . No shit ! £3790.
  19. Spiney

    Vanson Model A or Aero Cafe Racer

    Both the same price ( at least, I can currently get both at same price, I’m in England). One is the comp weight leather , the other CXL HH. Not for riding, just casual, everyday wear. Which would you buy and why ?
  20. Spiney

    Photos of cool jackets owned by others (non-brand specific)

    That’s really nice