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  1. WineGuy

    Huckel Antilope Trilby size 56 Navy/Black

    I'm offering a beautiful Czech made Huckel felt fedora in the Trilby style. The felt is in a dark navy blue that is almost black. The head band is in the same color and material. Antilope is the quality/style range and is extremely rare, I have not been able to find one like it online or...
  2. WineGuy

    FS: Vintage Bates Supreme style 4954 size 6 7/8 w/original box

    This is a mint condition Bates Supreme Hand Made Felt in size 6/78, the inside measures 21 3/4". The color is listed as Fenway and is an ultra dark brown that almost looks like a warm black in certain lighting. The brim is 1 3/4" wide and overwelted, and the crown peaks at 5" with the bash...
  3. WineGuy

    Miami (ad)vise

    I'm going to be in Aventura just north of Miami on this Saturday 8/28 thru Monday. Could use some recommendations for the following to visit: Good Hat shop(Panamas or felt) Good barber for a hot towel straight shave Good shoe shine stand Good vintage clothing shop Thanks! WineGuy
  4. WineGuy

    I Look Like The Fedora Lounge Logo Guy!

    Well, Chinaski got me going with his post, if I resemble the logo guy then I'm sure others do as well. Lets see what you can come up with, photo's only - no illustrations or paintings. Added 4/10...this is what one can do with a good pic and Photoshop!
  5. WineGuy

    FS: Gorgeous vintage 1930's Supernatural size 7

    I want(read NEED) a new "work of Art" so it's time to raise cash! For Sale is a stunning vintage Supernatural in a light oatmeal color that I've dated to the early 1930's but might be from the late twenties. It was made for The Kleinhan's Co. of Buffalo NY and has the "Ecuadorian Panama Hat Co...
  6. WineGuy

    Great Shoe Shine Stands across the nation

    I was in Nordstrom's in the Paramus Park Mall(NJ) the other day to pick up some replacement laces and noticed for the first time that there was a professional shoe shine stand tucked away behind the shoe department. A gentleman named Mario was shining the shoes of a dapper older man and so I...
  7. WineGuy

    Panama Hats

    As a new guy in town, I could not find a concentration on Panama Hats yet I saw enough posts to bloat a thread, so here goes. I just received today my Montecristi Gatsby Extrafino. I researched Panama Hats best I could before making the purchase but I'm not sure I got the quality...