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    Acceptable time gain/loss for vintage timepiece.

    Personally I’d be annoyed if any of my mechanical watches, vintage or modern, lost 2 minutes in a week.
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    Clarks Desert Boots Lately

    I wore Clark’s for years, the last pair I bought had the crepe soles, they were junk. The soles were only glued on. There was a stitch line around the sole but it was just for show, didn’t actually have any structural purpose. I returned them when the sole separated, the shoe store said it was...
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    FS: 2 Akubra Campdraft's and a Fed IV, size 7/56

    All SOLD, thanks WillyW!
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    FS: 2 Akubra Campdraft's and a Fed IV, size 7/56

    Absolutely, I’ll message you with my cell.
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    FS: 2 Akubra Campdraft's and a Fed IV, size 7/56

    These are still available, price drop, $60.00 each.
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    The history of the Biltmore hat company company/Stetson Hat Co.

    Great read on the history of Biltmore. I met Eric Lynes during his time as owner, he happened to be on site when I stopped in at the factory outlet. Really nice guy, we chatted hat for a while. Unfortunately the plant was closed a few years ago when the company was acquired by Dorfman Pacific. B
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    FS: A-2 Poughkeepsie sz 48, Diamond Clothing (as new)

    Very nice, would be interesting to see it next to my original size 48 Poughkeepsie! B
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    Alpha Industries M65 Field Jacket

    Wouldn't waste money on an Alpha or a Cockpit, but i’m Luck enough to know a surplus shop that often has unissued real ones, with liners for around $50-60. I wear a large, I’m 5’ 10”, around 200 lbs, and have no problem finding my size. B
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    White's Nomad Engineer custom

    Shoe trees, in boots? Never, the creases and folds are part of their lives and ours. These things are meant to be worn through all of your adventures, not to be babied and pampered!
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    White's Nomad Engineer custom

    We finally had some sun so I grabbed a quick shot of the CW engineers in bright light. Don’t mind the dirty truck, it’s since been cleaned. B
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    White's Nomad Engineer custom

    Hi Regius, I would say the leather used by CW is mid weight. It is solid, not at all flappy/floppy, but not so stiff as to be uncomfortable. They take very little to break in. The sizing is a bit large. I typically wear a 9 or 9.5 in most boots, these are 8.5. I’ll post up a pic or two shortly...
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    White's Nomad Engineer custom

    Hey Regius, Here’s a link to the CW engineers in brown that I have, also,available in black. https://www.canadawestboots.com/5085 If you're looking for CXL leather, and stacked heels, these won’t do it for you. They are good solid leather boots, Goodyear welt construction, slip resistant...
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    White's Nomad Engineer custom

    They’re all out of my price range, sticking with my Canada West engineers. B
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    Darkening hides with oil or the like

    My old red Aero D1 still has a bit of shine to it. The outer coating cracks and can flake of in spots, just like pictures you see of originals. I have no idea hold old this one is, I've had it for probably 5 or 6 years and got it on a trade. Definitely doesn't seem to darken naturally. Just wear...
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    eBay global shipping program?

    I usually avoid any seller that uses this "feature". It guarantees long delivery times, usually double what it would normally take, and you get dinged for the maximum amount of tax and import duty. In most cases regular mail slips through without most of the charges. B
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    Sears might be going belly up

    They're already gone up here in Canada!
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    which jacket for canadian winter?

    I'll have to agree with Ricketts, when the temperatures drop below freezing the leather gets put away. M65 field jacket until about -15C, after than a nice down parka. Serves me well for 2 hour dog walks. Spring will return and the leather will come back out. B
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    Are these A-2 jackets authentic vintage?

    Strange, i’ll Looked at this thread yesterday and there were vintage appearing jackets with patch’s, now the links go to modern repos by US Authentic, Eastman, and Aero, none are WWII originals. B
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    Ask a question, get an answer

    Ramsay for sure, wins on all fronts, ditch the feather. I just wish Biltmore was still in Guelph, used to love stopping in at the factory outlet store a couple times a year.
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    FS: 2 Akubra Campdraft's and a Fed IV, size 7/56

    Of the 6 or 7 Akubra’s I’ve owned, I’ve never had to size up, all except for this BG have been a bit bigger than a 56 and needed a bit of filler behind the sweat to fill them out. Larger sizes might fit differently, but that’s been my experience.