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    Help me decipher all the lower fastening parts of a traditional bib evening shirt?

    I have my first proper bib evening shirt and I couldn't be happier (I ended up going with La Valiere, sold through Barker Collars (and New & Lingwood for a substantial markup :),) for those who followed my earlier posts on the subject. The thing is, both for personal edification and for very...
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    Thanks. KA has been recommended to me now in a few places. That's when I have to double back and go, "ooooh, ok, maybe I want the silver standard." :) $30 per hanger is really steep, so I was wondering if maybe you knew the next tier or two down? Thanks again!
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    Perhaps a very banal question, but- is there some gold standard hanger brand or type you recommend, in this case for men’s suits? The IKEA wooden ones are too rough, so I was just going to hop on Amazon and buy some polished ones, but then I read the polish could be bad for clothes. I figured...
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    Talk to me about vintage sneaker brands...

    So I'm well aware of Converse and PF Flyers. Any others that were prominent at any point in the 30s, 40s, or 50s? I love the classic Chuck Taylor All Stars but just can't seem to find a size that fits me (too long a toe box and then too tight a vamp. When I solve one issue I screw up the...
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    How do you secure a tie under a detachable flat collar?

    So I've more or less mastered all the parts of traditional English dress wear with this one exception: How in tarnation do you properly secure your tie such that it nestles in the fold of a detachable flat collar and doesn't fall between the collar and the neckband? I believe I once read, long...
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    Best source for new two-tone shoes, cap toe and wing tip?

    I was all excited to try these: https://3dmlifestyle.com/collections/oxford-shoes-for-men/products/spectator-wingtip-oxford-brown-white Just got them and they are cheapo junk. Who today makes a good similar shoe? Would love a wing tip in a similar pattern and two-tone cap toes as well. Thanks!
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    What happens with a stiff-front dress shirt without starch?

    No, it’s just a matter of time- I go to a *lot* of formal events (I’m a dancer) and I literally just do not have the time to do any more prep than wash and hang. So I’m hoping it still looks good without the added step!
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    What happens with a stiff-front dress shirt without starch?

    Interesting. I was speaking more of the higher-end shirts like Budd, as the Darcys I've tried in the past were of pretty poor quality. I did purchase some collars from them as they are washable and, as I recall, of sufficient quality. But the shirts themselves were too thin and otherwise poorly...
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    What happens with a stiff-front dress shirt without starch?

    Curious about this and if any of you have any experience... Imagine a traditional, stiff-front bib dress shirt, neckband, etc. If you wash it in hot water and let it hang dry, does the bib simply look a little less formal/stiff/flat than with starch (and is therefore still presentable, albeit...
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    Double Sided Onyx Stud Set

    I just posted about spherical studs. Another option I'm considering, which looks quite useful and versatile, is a combination onyx/mother of pearl studs and cuff links set: https://www.cufflinks.com/double-sided-onyx-round-beveled-stud-set.html Has anyone used something like this? Do you like...
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    Double Sided Onyx Stud Set

    When you buy very high-end bib tuxedo shirts, they tend to come with these neat tiny plastic spherical studs that are meant as placeholders until you insert the real thing. Well, these got me thinking about looking for and buying actual spherical ones made of metal/onyx/whatnot. They might look...
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    Basic question about collar extenders

    Most of the WWII shirts I own are perfect with the exception of the collars, which tend to run about half a size too small for me. I’ve seen a million options on Amazon but am curious if there’s some gold standard/preferred option you guys know about. Thanks!
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    Help steer me with 1940s pants? (Reproductions or approximations)

    Anyone know why this was moved to Hats? :)
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    Best bet for very “heathery” military wool trousers?

    Because picture attachment is so wonky on mobile, I’m just going to link here to what I posted on usmilitaria. Thoughts? Thanks!… https://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/368001-best-bet-for-very-“heathery”-wool-trousers/
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    Does anyone have any ‘H’-letter collegiate wear? Knits, letterman items, varsity, sweaters, vests

    Hi all! I’m big time in the market for 20s-60s collegiate wear with a letter ‘H’ on it, especially in crimson (the body, the letter, anything). Anyone have any they’d like to offload? Especially interested in knits and anything with a tall banded bottom, but will consider most anything. Thanks!!
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    Sewing on patches with proper thread

    Because it needs dunk cleaning. It’s this scenario: https://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/279725-ww2-usaaf-captains-dress-whites/&do=findComment&comment=2250214 with a much more stained/yellowed case.
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    Sewing on patches with proper thread

    Any suggestions on sourcing? Just eBay?
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    Sewing on patches with proper thread

    I'll need to remove a patch from a uniform for cleaning and I'm curious what I should give my tailor to put it back on... - Period-original thread from a WWII sewing kit? - Modern cotton thread? - Something else? I want it to pass the black light test, be sturdy, and be the proper color and...
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    Simon Cathcart Ellington trousers- used?

    Well, fortunately or unfortunately, they only seem to have snapshots from exactly around when I found (fell in love with :)) these, and the description states: “A comfortable 14oz wool/rayon blend means a hard wearing Winter trouser that can be paired with knits and any coloured sports jacket...
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    Simon Cathcart Ellington trousers- used?

    To be honest, I could probably just Internet Archive the page and determine exactly how long those exact grays existed. About to do just that…