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  1. Undertow

    Why were the 70s such a tacky decade?

    I came on here to throw my .02 about the 1970's and 80's until I read through Lizzie's posts. Lizzie, thank you for summing up something I can never seem to articulate. And to beat a dead dog, since when did an economic model, e.g. capitalism, necessarily become a place of worship...
  2. Undertow

    Hair won't really slick back/part with new pomade?

    I realize this is an older thread, but may I make a suggestion (for any of yous guys still interested)? I have thick, wavy hair and 3 cowlicks. I often need to tame my hair, and something like Brylcreem just doesn't cut it. If this is your first time using a pomade, and you're uncertain of...
  3. Undertow

    Some pics from boxes of old negatives I bought

    Better throw the old hat in the ring... The below photo was recovered from a plastic bin of unwanted photographs. The two in this photo were Rosa and Floyd Dean of Des Moines, IA, both from smaller farm towns previously. They were married sometime in the 1920s; this photo being taken at the...
  4. Undertow

    The Mindset Lists

    Boy, I remember when my sister and I had to take two tin buckets a piece and walk 1 mile down hill to the water pump, fill both buckets each and then come back without spilling a drop. And these danged kids don't even appreciate a "drop in a bucket"! Heck, they probably think "buckets" are just...
  5. Undertow

    Data Recorders, Personal Vehicles and Mass Transit

    Regardless of the actual usage of these data recorders, does anyone think there would be a surge to public transit if all major insurers announced they would harvest said data? Or would it likely just create some grumbling as everyone obediently installed said devices? Can anyone picture...
  6. Undertow

    Data Recorders, Personal Vehicles and Mass Transit

    Sheeplady, the connection between recording devices and public transportation is as follows: if you feel that recording devices are becoming, or could potential become, pervasive to the point that your whereabouts are used for various dubious reasons, would you change your transportation habits...
  7. Undertow

    Data Recorders, Personal Vehicles and Mass Transit

    I want to show you a few pictures before I get started. These are in Des Moines, certainly not the largest city in the Midwest. Public transportation used to be a matter of fact, even in smaller cities like Des Moines, Iowa; it took you to work, it took you to the theater, it took you to...
  8. Undertow

    Telephone Repair Recommendation?

    Hey Lizzie, I have a '36 Stromberg-Carlson desk phone and wall phone (same models). I'm planning to cannibalize the wall phone into the desk phone. As you know, these S-C phones aren't dial; they're the crank style. Would the pulse-to-tone adapter work for something like that?
  9. Undertow

    Qantas Airlines Hostess Historical Fashion

    Excellent article, Cookie!
  10. Undertow

    Guess What Year I Am!

    1944. We had a large flux of Japanese Americans relocated throughout the Midwest during the war. I believe 600 men were moved into Des Moines proper. This man, Mr. Kiyoshi Ideta Minami, purchased that house and boarded a number of Japanese men as they waited for the green light to move back to...
  11. Undertow

    Guess What Year I Am!

    Rats! My edited version (where I dubbed that bit out) escaped me and I accidentally posted the wrong one! Nice catch ECP. The Good - hey, you were pretty darn close! Since I screwed that one up, how about this one - it's a curveball:
  12. Undertow

    Hurricane Sandy

    Glad to see all of you are making it out there. Hope to hear from the rest!
  13. Undertow

    Guess What Year I Am!

    Wow, that really had me off. I was looking at the lapels on the far left and the button stance - just didn't look anywhere near the 30's, 40's or 50's while the fellow in the DB had wide enough lapels to look 30's/40's or maybe early 50's. Nice picture! I'm wondering myself. Unfortunately, I...
  14. Undertow

    I'm Tired Of This Number....

    This is true. There are certain older buildings - quite old - that have been taped back together, shimmed into place, had foundation supporters installed, windows bricked up, updated doors reattached, new facade's installed and they STILL look poorly, as evidenced below. Notice that these are...
  15. Undertow

    I'm Tired Of This Number....

    The roof may be nice looking, but the boiler has to be replaced every 5 years or so. We're on our third. Apparently in order to be "green", one must purchase an unusually lame boiler? The floors creak, too; they're the removable panel kind. The collection is sparse, especially concerning...
  16. Undertow

    Period casual-general shops still functioning in (near) original condition?

    Wow, these are all such fantastic shots!
  17. Undertow

    Guess What Year I Am!

    Bingo! You were both right on. The picture was snapped in 1939. I thought the subject's jacket and hat would throw you guys off but apparently not! Yeps, I wanna say late 20's or maybe early 30's. The trousers are mostly around the waist, and one set of lapels is quite thin while another set is...
  18. Undertow

    Guess What Year I Am!

    Mr. Chevalier had done something similar to this in the suits section. I thought we could have a little fun trying to determine the year (say, within a few years, give or take) some photos were taken. This will hopefully help everyone hone their ability to identify specific eras, as well as...
  19. Undertow

    I'm Tired Of This Number....

    Don't worry TraditionalFrog, many buildings in Des Moines - wait, who am I kidding - most decent buildings in Des Moines have faced the wrecking ball to make way for a parking lot, or 1980's-1990's office abomination. Now no one uses those buildings and they aren't worth two damns. Our...