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  1. Angel

    WTB: ELMC Highway Star size 40

    Hello! I'm looking for a ELMC Highway Star in size 40. If somebody has got one to sell or if somebody would find one, please let me know! Thanks!
  2. Angel

    Vanek Leather Clothing

    I thought that it's time for a thread about Vanek, an Austrian maker of leather goods, especially jackets and pants. The idea is to collect knowledge, pictures and everything related to the brand. I will start off with a short history and then post pictures of my own jackets. I know that there...
  3. Angel

    Aero 30's half belt size 38

    Now it's time to let it go... A beautiful 30's half belt in brown Fqhh. It's a very nice colour, red undertones in the sun. I'm the second owner, got it nearly new, now it's broken in but still in good condition. Horsehide label comes extra, can be stiched back on to the liner. . Would...
  4. Angel

    FS Grais Jacket

    For sale an old Grais jacket/ carcoat Probably horsehide Leather is good, could need some conditioning, no cracks. Smal scratch on left sleeve, just the top, can be fixed with glue. One tooth on the zip is missing, but still working. P2P: 57cm Sleeve: 64cm Back: 72cm Shoulder: 50cm For...
  5. Angel

    30's Half Belt vs. Premier Highwayman

    Hello! I just got a new Premier Highwayman in Cordovan Steerhide and I can't decide if I like it more than my trusty (one year) old Half Belt in brown CXHH. I wanted a new one because the Half Belt still is a little tight at my chest and my shoulders. Otherwise I like it a lot, the leather is...