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  1. Talbot

    Where to get hat ribbon?

    Many thanks for your kind offer. I'm remiss in not replying earlier - busy this end. Allow me to PM you in a few days. Mea Maxima Culpa
  2. Talbot

    Let's see your mechanical watches

    A few recent acquisitions (on a Longines binge atm):
  3. Talbot

    Where to get hat ribbon?

    Many thanks gentlemen.
  4. Talbot

    Where to get hat ribbon?

    I did a search, but came up empty handed. This must have been covered before. I recently picked up a cocoanut straw 'pork pie' to replace my old casual Sam Snead style Lee. The hat is OK, but it has a really ugly pastel plaid band. Local haberdashers carry only solid colours. Where can I...
  5. Talbot

    Good source for Vintage Watches?

    Nice piece, wear it in good health.
  6. Talbot

    Let's see your mechanical watches

    ^^^^There are some vintage pieces in there, I swear!
  7. Talbot

    Vintage Car Thread - Discussion and Parts Requests

    Great movie. Everyone I know that has driven a 2CV grew to love it.
  8. Talbot

    Double cuffed shirt with attached buttons

    Tom, Try Natty Shirts. I have a number of their dress shirts. They were well made and reasonably priced. Double cuff (French cuff) is an option I have selected on all.
  9. Talbot

    Tudor watches

    What style watch does your friend prefer?
  10. Talbot

    Instagram vendors?

    Nothing to say, huh?
  11. Talbot

    Instagram vendors?

    It's been a while, but the IG profiling seems to have got my measure. Lately, I have been bombarded with advertisements for repop vintage clothes: USN deck jackets, vintage work clothes, selvage denim, and leather workboots. All items are priced at very low prices. e.g leather workboots AUD$...
  12. Talbot

    Clarks Desert Boots Lately

    Nunn Bush used to make em as well.
  13. Talbot

    Any delay in domestic shipment due to virus

    It's a tough time for postal logistics. It's a labour intensive industry, volumes are increasing, and at the same time staff must be kept apart. Expect delays
  14. Talbot

    Let's see your mechanical watches

    I like reduced Speedies, they are really undervalued.
  15. Talbot

    Bostonian Made in USA No. 16 Boot

    Will they dance? Tune in some AFRS Jubilee, or G.I. Jive, and find out!
  16. Talbot

    The Orient Express

  17. Talbot

    The wrist watch.

    Open the pod bay door HAL
  18. Talbot

    The wrist watch.

    ^^^^^ I like the Flieger style. Looks like a sibling of the 39 Hanhart flieger chrono.....