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  1. imoldfashioned

    Men in the PR -- Poll (WOMEN ONLY)

    Yes (women 'Only').
  2. imoldfashioned

    What Did You Drink Last Night?

    Havana Club Rum and Coke!
  3. imoldfashioned

    The Passing Away of John Erickson, Fellow Lounger and Friend to Many.

    Very sad news. It makes you sit back for a moment to realise just how fragile & prescious life is. And how fleeting the time we all have to walk this earth. We don't always realise until times like this. Be at Peace John.
  4. imoldfashioned

    What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Gangster Squad :) with lots of Pop Corn!
  5. imoldfashioned

    What's the meaning behind your Avatar ?

    Just a 'little black dress' number from earlier this year. No more...No less :)
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  9. imoldfashioned

    Advice for putting on a vintage fashion show

    It's all coming together, and it sounds wonderful! I guess music and props will play a part. Might you have a narrator too? Good Luck! :)
  10. imoldfashioned

    Motorcycle girls

    Wonderful photos!
  11. imoldfashioned


    What a clever man! It looks great!! What pattern did you use? And where did you source the fabric as I'd love to make one!!!
  12. imoldfashioned

    On yer bike!

    Precursors to the motorised bicycle (motorcycle) also 'I think' include BSA, Royal Enfield, Rudge, Indian... I know that at some of the vintage bi cycle fairs I've been to they've had bicycles that have a motor/engine fitted. The start to the evolution...?
  13. imoldfashioned

    Your favorite room

    Love the photo of Bix...! The good die young huh! Also your Deco chair is sweet too. I have a music room I play in & also chill listening to records :)
  14. imoldfashioned

    Antique Hot Water Bottles

    I have some original stoneware hot water bottles. I do need to wrap them in a towel as they get hot!
  15. imoldfashioned

    What art is in your home?

    Lempicka paintings.
  16. imoldfashioned

    Blackpool 1930s in 2014

    Sweet home!
  17. imoldfashioned

    On yer bike!

    I just adore these old cycling posters!
  18. imoldfashioned

    On yer bike!

  19. imoldfashioned

    "Mad Men" on AMC (US) - (Spoilers Within)

    My father wore a hat everyday whenever he left the house. Just one of that generation I can't wait for the next MM series! We Gals do need our slice of Hamm you know! :)
  20. imoldfashioned

    On yer bike!

    Thanks Alice!! I'm going to try that cycling jersey!!