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    Waxed Leather Jackets

    Stumbled across this Satchel & Page Montgomery Type 2 trucker and it is listed as being British waxed leather. It looks gorgeous. Does anyone have experience with waxed leather jackets? I know waxed leather is popular in boots but i have not seen or heard much waxed leather in jackets. Again...
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    Aero Royale Battered Steer

    So i just got delivery of an Aero Royale in Battered Steer ordered on the recent 25% off sale. And very happy. For me its a great fit, i prefer a "comfy" fit rather than a skin tight fit that seems to be popular. Also super happy with the leather and more than a little surprised. Perfect...
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    Sizing for Denim Trucker jackets

    What rules of thumb do people use when buying denim jackets for sizing? I am looking at getting a Brave Star Trucker and sent them an email but yet to hear back. Is a jacket chest size 3 inches bigger than my chest size an ok guesstimate? Anyone with experience with the Brave Star Ironside?

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